Monumental inscriptions at St Margaret, Marks Hall
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Monumental inscriptions at St Margaret, Marks Hall, recorded 1997-2006.

Includes notes on the church, indexes of persons, places in Essex, places out of Essex and occupations.The church has been demolished and 13 ground level memorials near the church remain. Other memorials were removed to a nearby barn for storage.

Memorials removed to the barn include John [George] Shepheard, Rector, died 6 April 1773; Richard Beckett, died 25 March 1855 aged 25; Elizabeth Ratcliff 'upwards of twenty years a most faithful servant to William Honywood Esqr of Marks Hall in the coutny and Sibton Kent' died 22 January 1814 aged 53; Elizabeth, widow of General Honywood and 'mother of their beloved son by whose death the Essex branch of the family became extinct' died 22 August 1785 aged 66; Priscilla, relict of William Philip Honywood by whome she had 5 children, 4 surviving her, eldest daughter of Charles Hanbury of Sloe Farm, and died 9 February 1855 aged 57; John Cott, Rector died 13 October 1781; Philip Honywood, General of His Majesty's Forces, Governor of Kingston upon Hull Col of 3rd Regt of Dragoon Guards, MP for Appleby for 31 years died 20 February 1785; Frances Catherine Honywood died 7 December 1816 aged 28; John Gibson faithful servant to f Honywood for 30 years died March 30 1805; Caroline wife of Revd Thomas Ripley Vicar of Wootton in Wiltshire, and 3rd daughter of William Honywood, died 31 January 1820 aged 28; William Philip Honywood, married Priscilla, represented Kent for 3 in Parliament 1818-1830, staunch Whig, retired on grounds of ill health, died 22 April 1831 aged 41; William Philip Honywood, married Frances Emma Phelips, died 20 February 1859 aged 35; Frances Emma Honywood died 30 January 1895 and her cousin Edith Mary Atkinson died 26 February 1900 aged 62; Ann Morgan servant to f Honywood near 30 years died 20 April 1804; Philip Honywood Ensign in the First Regiment of Foot Guards only son of General Philip Honywood and Elizabeth his wife, died 3 February 1779 aged 19 "Nor sculptur'd stone nor monumental brass can speak their felelings but youth & innocence claim some fond tribute from parental love"; William Honywood, served in American War, married Mary Brockman, represented county of Kent in Parliament, died 9 February 1818 aged 59; Filmer Honywood, succeeded to the estates by will of General Honywood, represented Kent in Parliament, died 2 June 1809 aged 64; Mary wife of William Honywood and daughter of Revd Ralph Brockman, died 23 January 1815 aged 49; Matilda 5th daughter of William Honywood 6 December 1812 aged 13; Catherine Sisson, wife of William Sisson Rector, died 7 September 1741 aged 28.
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Essex Society for Family History

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