Interview with Thomas Bell and Daniel Goswell, 5 March 2009
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Scope and Content:
Interview with Thomas Bell [TB] and Danny Goswell [DG] about their experiences of the 1953 flood in Harwich.

[Track 1:] [TB] Had gone to Regal Cinema the night before; wind strong on his way home to Birch Avenue; woken up early the next morning by DG throwing stones at his window to get him up (1 minute 29 seconds).
[Track 2:] [DG] Had been to dance at Cliff Pavilion night before; on the way home went to the sailing club and saw water starting to lift boats; water had filled up between platforms at Dovercourt railway station; saw trickle of water running down gutter at the back of Victoria Street; went home to Tollgate (now Ramsey Road North) (2 minutes 52 seconds).
[Track 3:] [DG] Got up early in the morning to check on boats; roads deserted; woke up TB and went to sailing club [Patrick Wharf?]; description of boat (2 minutes 20 seconds).
[Track 4:] [TB and DG] Saw railway lines lifted by the water; Leonard ‘Pummie’ Rose was organising rescue efforts; he commandeered them to rescue people from Bathside with a boat that was waiting at Fernlea Road (1 minute 57 seconds).
[Track 5:] [DG] Fernlea Road completely flooded; story of dropping ladder in the water and diving in to get it; schoolteacher Miss Prosser dried him off in her house on Alexandra Road (3 minutes 8 seconds).
[Track 6:] [TB] Carried on rescuing people from houses on Bathside; by then crew from [HMS] Ganges had arrived (1 minute 12 seconds).
[Track 7:] [DG] Ended up in White Hart pub [George Street], full of people who had evacuated their houses; Salvation Army working in the Drill Hall; [TB] admiration for Salvation Army (1 minute 36 seconds).
[Track 8:] [DG and TB] That evening borrowed a dinghy tied up outside the police station; rowed to the Spread Eagle pub [West Street]; spent some time in pub; then rowed back and returned boat (3 minutes 21 seconds).
[Track 9:] [DG and TB] Bathside remained flooded for weeks; pumping station in Fernlea Road got flooded; efforts to pump out the water (1 minute 15 seconds).
[Track 10:] [DG and TB] Local characters in the sailing club and Harwich generally (1 minute 34 seconds).
[Track 11:] [TB and DG] Stories of tables laid; rose on water but came back to rest intact when water receded; debris seen throughout rescue efforts, including coffins and animals (3 minutes 29 seconds).
[Track 12:] Work of Pummie Rose: chased up Army, organised efforts; chaos of the night; but everyone pulled together (1 minute 59 seconds).
Dates of Creation:
5 March 2009
26 minutes 19 seconds
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David Whittle
Admin History:
Thomas Daniel Bell was born circa 1935. Daniel Goswell was born circa 1936. They both grew up in Harwich.
Copyright of interviewees transferred to Harwich Society; copyright of recording transferred to ESVA but contact Harwich Society prior to use for broadcasting on radio, television, or non-ERO website.
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Digital MP3 files converted from original wma recording.
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Harwich Society
Publication Notes:
Hilda Grieve, "The Great Tide: The Story of the 1953 Flood Disaster in Essex" (Essex County Council, 1959)
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Essex Sound and Video Archive: use digital copy available on Soundcloud

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Interview with Thomas Bell and Daniel Goswell
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Interview with Thomas Bell and Daniel Goswell
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Interview with Thomas Bell and Daniel Goswell
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