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Records in private custody
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Scope and Content:
Microfilm of release to (x) for £850 (following bargain and sale for 1 year [lacking].

(i) Robert Thompson gentleman of Tendring, surviving executor of will of John Mash (senior) farmer of Tendring;
(ii) James Evans labourer of Thorpe and wife Hannah, daughter of John Mash junior, and Mary Ann Mash spinster of Tendring and Charlotte Mash spinster of Tendring, also daughters of John Mash Junior;
(iii) Mary Mash of Tendring widow of Charles Mash wheelwright of Tendring (son of John Mash senior), Simon Fairs of [Baughley?] Suffolk victualler and wife Sarah daughter of said Charles Mash, James Mash junior of Colchester son of said Charles Mash, John Mash cordwainer of Drinkstone, Suffolk son of said Charles Mash, Jabez Sorrell miller of Beaumont and wife Mary Ann (a minor) daughter of said Charles Mash, Keziah Mash spinster of tendring (a minor) daughter of said Charles Mash, William Mash (a minor) son of said Charles Mash, and Henry Mash (a minor) of Tendring son of said Charles Mash;
(iv) said Mary Mash, widow of Charles Mash;
(v) said James Evans and wife Hannah, Mary Ann Mash and Charlotte Mash;
(vi) said Simon Fairs and wife Sarah, James Mash, John Mash, Jabez Sorrell and wife Mary Ann, Keziah Mash, William Mash and Henry Mash;
(vii) James Mash senior grocer of Tending, son of John Mash senior;
(viii) William Cardinall Mash farmer of Tendring, son of John Mash senior;
(ix)Thomas Thompson farmer of Tendring and wife Sarah, only surviving daughter of John Mash senior;
(x) said William Cardinall Mash;
(xi) Thomas Scrivener grocer of Manningtree;
(xii) John Ambrose gentleman of Mistley;
(xiii) Alfred R. Cocker gentleman of Nassau St., Soho, Middlesex;
(xiv) Leonard Nunn yeoman of Bradfield;
(xv) John Thomas Ambrose gentleman of Mistley.

2 moieties of freehold messuage and 36a. in Tendring called Ilsents (formerly the property of Charles Cardinall and sister Mary Whiting), formerly occupied by John Buckingham, since by James Cousins, lately by John Mash senior, and now by (x).

(a) will of Charles Cardinall of Moze dated 18 April 1747 [for registered copy see D/ABR 23/246] leaving his part of property to daughter Mary, later wife of John Mash senior;
(b) will of his sister Mary Whiting widow dated 15 March 1781 [for registered copy see D/ABR 27/162] leaving her moiety to said Mary Mash for life, and then to John Mash junior, Mary Mash (died while a minor), James Mash senior, Charles Mash senior and all other children of Mary Mash as tenants in common
(c) lease and release 27 and 28 April 1781 and common recovery Trinity Term 1781 [T/B 556/2/1 above] by which John Mash senior and wife Mary mortgaged property for £230 to Samuel Frost senior farmer of Beaumont, the Mortgage having been long repaid;
(d) will of John Mash senior dated 12 April 1806 [for registered copy see D/ABR 30/70] leaving property to wife Mary for life, and then to be sold to pay son John Mash junior £50, with remaining proceeds to be divided equally between all his children, but allowing for sale for £850 to one of his children;
(e) deaths of John Mash senior's children Mary Mash, Charles Mash and John Mash junior (the last intestate on 29 Aug. 1810, leaving 3 daughters as in (ii) leaving James Mash senior, William Cardinall Mash and Sarah wife of Thomas Thompson;
(f) death of Mary Mash widow of John Mash senior 9 June 1822;
(g) will of Samuel Forest as above dated 10 October 1781, of which executors son Samuel Forest (now dead) and Leonard Nunn as above;
(h) agreement by william Cardinall Mash with Robert Thompson to buy both moieties.
(i) (vii) (ix) and (ii) release 1 moiety to (x); (i) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) and (ix) release second moiety to (xii) in trust for (x); (xiv) assigns moiety to (xv).

37 signatures, 3 marks.
Dates of Creation:
26 March 1830
Not Available:
Available on microfilm in the Essex Record Office searchroom