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Jury list and presentment for the Hundreds of Barstable, Chafford and Becontre.

Geo. Wharton of Hutton (yeoman) for an obstinate recusant (for 6 months, previously persented).

Christian Dawson of Walthamstow spinster and Mary her maid for recusents. (For 6 months).

Lady Susan Bowser of West Ham for a (popih) recusent. (For 6 months, previously presented).

Mr. Nelstrippe and his wife pf Ramsden Bellhouse for recusants. (For the same time, previously presented).

The wife of Mr. Thomas Petere for not coming to chruch since "Hollentide" last past, also Edward Melford his servant for the same, both of Cranham.

Mr. Joseph Hoynes of Barking and all his children for not coming to chruch three times in a year.

"Clher" Berry, Matthew Berry and Hiles a fisherman, all of Berking, for making a drunken affrsy, shedding of blook, an beating the constable at the same time (on Saturday, 19 April last, all drunk).

Rob. Hunter (bricklayer), George Mason (husbandman), Nicholas Greneway (wiremaker), Edward Carter (weaver) and John Pettypoole (carpenter), all of Barking, for victualling without licence.

Mr. Henry Founsett of Barking for suffering Loxford Bridge in that parish to fall into great decay for want of good reparatopns. (To be done by him).

Wm. Headlye (chandler) Edward Scoerey 9baker), John Garnett senior (wheelwright), William Summer (victualler), Robert Coper (husbandman), all of West Ham, for "annoying the face of the street by there noysome dounghills".

Rich. Dodd of Berking alehousekeeper and levy 10s. for suffering drunkenness in his house, the parties above presented, viz. Berry and others abovenamed were drunk in his house (Suppressed).
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