Accounts of Charles Canning Winmill
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Accounts of Charles Canning Winmill
Scope and Content:
The accounts are brief and of a personal nature, recording income and expenses with summaries of investment, payments to family etc. at the end. Some travelling expenses in relation to work undertaken are mentioned, for example repairs at Barking church, April 1928, as are subscriptions to 'Anti-Scrape', the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, of which Winmill was a committee member.
Admin History:
Charles Canning Winmill, architect (1865-1945), was employed from January 1881 in the Manifest Department of Milwall Docks and in 1892 moved to the housing section of London County Council's Architects Department. In 1897 he moved to the fire brigade section and remained with the L.C.C. until his retirement in September 1923, after which he continued to work for the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and also undertook private work. During the years covered by these accounts he lived successively at 81 Blackheath Hill (1881-1884), Hamfrith Road, Stratford (January - September 1894), Nelson House, Bexley Heath (September 1894 - June 1897), The Briars, Woodford (June 1897 - December 1901), 2 Eliot Place, Blackheath (January 1922 - September 1930), Minor Canon Row, Rochester (September 1930 - 1939), and Henham (1940-1945). From 1882 he lived with his mother, Fanny, who is referred to in the accounts as are brother Hallett (born 1867) and William (born 1869) and latterly his wife Anne and daughter Joyce.
Related Unit of Description:
For a biography see J.M. Winmill, Charles Canning Winmill, An Architect's Life by His Daughter (J.M. Dent, 1946), a copy of which is available in the Essex Record Office Library.