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According to Stephen Park's Guide to the Parish Registers of Newham (East of London Family History Society 1983), St Mark's opened as a mission hall in 1857. This was replaced by a permanent church in 1862, and in 1864 a separate parish was created out of St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich (Kent); St Mary Magdalene, East Ham [for records of which see D/P 156]; and St Mary the Virgin, Plaistow [for records of which see D/P 597]. Although known ecclesiastically as St Mark, Victoria Docks, the church lay geographically in Silvertown.

St Mark's own mission of St John the Evangelist, North Woolwich, established in 1872, became a separate parish in 1877. The mission of St Barnabas, West Silvertown, established in 1882, became a separate parish in 1926. For records of these two parishes see D/P 500 and D/P 513 respectively.

Under an Order-in-Council of 20 February 1974 St Mark's was united with the parishes of St John the Evangelist, North Woolwich, and St Barnabas, West Silvertown, to form the parish of North Woolwich with Silvertown, and St Mark's church became redundant. A further Order-in-Council of 30 October 1979 appropriated the former church for 'cultural and community purposes and for storage', but in 1981 it was gutted by fire.