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Calendar of Essex Assize File [ASS 35/132/1] Assizes held at Chelmsford 2 March 1691
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Indictment of Caleb Clarke of Great Braxted labourer, 14 February 3 wm. & Mary, there about 1 a.m. broke into the house of Robert Rogers clerk and stole a pair of calico sheets worth 40s., three demask tablecloths worth £3, twenty-two damask napkins worth 50s., ten holland pillow biers worth 30s., three holland smocks worth 20s., "two dozen of damaske clouts" worth 30s., "foure dozen of diaper clouts" worth 40s., "one white sarsenett mantle" worth 20s., a white satin mantle worth £3, "two blacke allamode hoods" worth 5s., a black silk scarf worth 25s., "one laced blacke silke tippett" worth 10s., three laced pinners worth 20s., eight laced forehead cloths worth 10s., ten laced coifs worth £3, a laced handkerchief worth 5s., 3 pairs of holland sleeves worth 20s., "three laced tuckers" worth 15s., 2 pairs of "Flanders laced ruffles" wworth 30s., six cambric handkershiefs worth 30s., 4 yards of bone lace worth 15s., "one laced cravatt" worth 5s., "one stuffe mantogowne" (togam) worth 40s., "one stuffe pettecoate with a blacke silke fringe" worth £3, "one paire of flower'd silke stayes" worth 20s., "one white satten pettecoate with a gold lace" worth £5, a black satin petticoat worth 40s., "one yellow silke nightgowne" worth 40s., a silver tankard worth £10, two silver cups worth £3 5s., a silver plate worth £5, a silver porringer worth 30s., four silver salt cellars worth 30s., thirteen silver spoons worth £9 4s., two silver boxes worth 22s., a silver watch worth 40s., "one case of lancetts" worth [illegible], "one tobacco stopper" worth 6d., a diamond ring worth £3, ten gold rins worth [illegible], a cornelian ring worth 5s., a "wooden cupp tipped with silver" worth 2s., a flanders [illegible] worth 40s., a flander laced pinner worth [illegible] and £16 in money,. Pleads not guilty; guilty, to be haned. Witnesses: Robert Rogers, Richard Clarke, Thomas Ivery, Mich. Browne, Jon sturton, Elizabeth Jackson, Mary Beadle, John Ster [illegible]. (Faded at end) [ASS 35/132/1/24]
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