Scope and Content:
Records of Ilford and Romford Methodist Circuits (D/NM 20 addl., 38 addl.), & churches at Billericay; Gidea Park; Harold Hill; Harold Wood; Elm Park; Hornchurch; Grenfell Avenue; Collier Row; Havering Road; Trinity, Romford; Victoria Rd., Romford; Shenfield; South Ockendon; Upminster; and Warley (D/NM 47-60 and 22 respectively)

Ilford Methodist Circuit (D/NM 20 addl.)
Circuit plans and directories, April - June 1942, January - March 1943, July - September 1946

'Ilford (A)' Methodist Circuit plans and directories, October 1946 - October 1947

Romford Methodist Circuit (D/NM 38 addl.)
Circuit meeting minutes [unsigned], kept by C.H. Randall, 1985-1987
Manse committee minutes, 1967-1974
Circuit schedule book, 1950-1975
'Methodist trust schedule' forms (i.e. summary accounts), 1965
'Ilford and Forest Gate circuits amalgamation and division. Note to accompany statements of estimated income and expenditure' (typescript), 1945
Circuit plans and directories, 1947-1950, 1950-1969
Circuit directories for 1975-1976, 1976-1977, 1977-1978, 1978-1979, 1979-1980, 1980-1981, 1981-1982, 1982-1983, 1983-1984, 1984-1985, 1985-1986, 1987-1988
Group photograph of members at first quarterly meeting, 1947
Essex County Council development plan for Romford area, 1954, with overlay showing position of churches [in Romford Methodist Circuit]
Poster 'How Methodism Works. Outline of Its Organization' (Methodist Publishing House, London) [origin unknown]
Poster 'The Duties of Stewards of the Methodist Church' (Methodist Publishing House, London) (in poor condition) [origin unknown]

Billericay Methodist Church, Western Road (D/NM 47)
Plans for church [opened 1964], 1956, n.d.

Gidea Park Methodist Church [Manor Avenue] (Ilford (Wesleyan) Methodist Circuit, from 1947 Romford Methodist Circuit) (D/NM 48)
Opened 1926

Trustees' minutes ('see loose leaf book for subsequent minutes'), 1949-1959, 1960-1969
Manse trust minutes, 1951-1969
Annual General Church Meeting minutes, 1977-1989
Sunday School Council minutes1952-1957, 1958-1966
Pulpit notices, 1955-1961, 1967-1971
Trust accounts, 1975-1977
Accounts, 1967-1989

Harold Hill Methodist Church, Dagnam Park Drive ( D/NM 49)
Opened 1954, closed 1979

Registers of baptisms, 1952-1963, 1963-1978
Trustees' minutes (from first meeting), 1947-1976
Annual Society Meeting minutes 1953-1964 and Leaders' meeting minutes 1953-1963 (from first meetings)
Pulpit notices, 1955-1957, 1957-1960, 1960-1963
Trust summary accounts etc., 1947-1976
Society accounts of income and expenditure, 1957-1963
Society accounts of income and expenditure, 1954, 1955, 1958-1962
Envelope collection record, 1954-1955, 1955-1957, 1957-1961
Badminton and Social Club attendance register, 1962
Youth Sports Group attendance register, 1963-1966
Trustees' letters and papers re church property, 1948-1976
Two plans for external landscaping n.d.; one design for coatrack 1954
Architects' statement of account, 1955
Invitation card 1949; typescript note of history of church 1948-1954; extract from duplicated [?newsletter] describing arrival at Harold Hill, n.d.
Order of service, invitation cards, newscuttings etc. re stone-laying ceremony, 1952-1953
Order of service, invitation cards, poster etc. for opening of church, 1954
Programme, entry form, newscutting and six photographs re fete 1964; letter to minister 1951; photograph of Christmas tree 1956
Newsletter December 1953; church yearbooks for 1958-1959 and 1959-1960
Newscuttings etc., 1953-1963, n.d.

Harold Wood Methodist Church, Gubbins Lane (D/NM 50)
Leaflet re new church in Gubbins Lane, 1961; newscutting re opening, 1962; and leaflet re church extension 1977; with plan for new church hall at [Anglican] Church of All Saints, Squirrels Heath, Romford, 1951

Elm Park Methodist Church, Mungo Park Road, Hornchurch (D/NM 51)
Opened 1957

Plans etc. for church,1935, 1954-1957. 1965-1966, n.d., including copy estate plan of 1935

Hornchurch Methodist Church, High Street (Ilford (Wesleyan) Methodist Circuit, from 1947 Romford Methodist Circuit) {D/NM 52)
Plans for new church [opened 1958], n.d., 1955

Grenfell Methodist Church, Grenfell Avenue, Hornchurch (D/NM 53)
Annual reports from church organisations, 1960-1974
Youth Council minutes etc., 1954-1969, 1970-1974
Youth Council letters and papers, 1963-1983
Overseas Missions committee minutes etc., 1960-1974
World Service and Mission (otherwise Overseas Missions) committee minutes, letters and papers, 1969-1989
Women's Friendship Hour: minutes, 1957-1981, 1982-1989
Women's Friendship Hour: letters, programmes etc., filed alphabetically, 1973-1990
Summary church accounts for 1974/75; agenda for annual general meeting of manse trustees 1975
'Envelope system and collection records': anonymised accounts for covenanted donations
Sunday School accounts, 1975-1977, 1977-1979, 1983-1985, 1987-1989
Visitors' book, 1970-1989
Book of remembrance: entries relate to deaths etc. of 1941-1978 [1950s-1978]

Collier Row Methodist Church, Clockhouse Lane, Romford (D/NM 54)
Opened 1954

Orders of service etc. for opening of church 1954, and of extension 1967
Plans for church extension, n.d.
Plan for new manse, 1976
25th anniversary booklet, 1979
Trustees' accounts etc., 1956-1976

Havering Road Methodist Church, Romford (D/NM 55)
[Opened 1957]

Agendas, accounts, letters and papers of trustees, 1973-1976

Trinity Methodist Church, Mawney Road (from c.1969 St. Edward's Way), otherwise Angel Way, Romford (D/NM 56)
(... Romford Wesleyan Methodist Circuit; from 1908 Ilford (Wesleyan) Methodist Circuit; from 1947 Romford Methodist Circuit)

Trustees' minutes, from first meeting (in poor condition), 1888-1962
Manse Trust minutes, 1929-1945
Annual Society Meeting and annual and quarterly Leaders' Meeting minutes, 1962-1969
Leaders' Meeting attendance register, 1952-1971
Building Committee minutes, 1922-1924, 1936
Finance Committee minutes1931-194[5]
Finance Committee minutes, 1946-1963
Local Youth Council committee minutes, 1950-1974
Men's Fellowship, Annual General Meeting minutes, 1953-1957, 1957-1978
Men's Fellowship attendance register, 1966-1978
Men's Fellowship: syllabuses for 1953/54 - 1977/78 (incomplete); accounts for 1972/73 - 1977/78
Women's Fellowship, Annual General Meeting and Committee minutes, 1967-1977
Women's Work Committee minutes, 1977-1985
Church Family Committee minutes (from first meeting), 1974-1976, 1976-1983, 1983-1988
Church Family Committee attendance register, 1974-1985
Pulpit notices, 1968-1972, 1972-1976
Trustees' accounts of receipts and expenditure, 1935-1958, 1959-1975, 1975-1982
Stewards' accounts of receipts and expenditure, 1943-1959, 1960-1961
Stewards' accounts of receipts and expenditure, 1961-1972, 1972-1981, 1981-1985
Collection journals, 1898-1922, 1932-1969
List of new and retiring trustees, 1934
Acceptances of office as trustees, with related letters and papers, 1948
Church membership list, 1944
Typescript membership lists of [adult] 'classes' [?1950]
Sunday School register, 1925-c.1926
Copy plans re proposed alterations and additions to church, n.d. [? c.1922]
Letters and papers re church property, and especially war damage repairs, 1935-1950; includes coloured fencing plan, 1950
Letters, drawings and papers re new windows, 1943-1946
Letters, papers and plans re property - chiefly re building works at church and lease of land at rear of church to London Borough of Havering for multi-storey car park, 1965-1972, [1977], 1980-1981
Structural survey of church (including plan and photographs), with copy specification and plans for repairs, 1967
Property committee letters and papers, 1971-1987
Specification for manse at 12 Oaklands Avenue, n.d., with invoice for repairs 1976
Copy plans of church, 1978, 1980-1982
Artist's impressions of interior showing colour schemes for re-decoration, [?c.1979-1980], 1990
Letters, plans and papers re restoration, 1967, 1977-1979, including brochure for re-opening 1979
Letters and papers re property, including re-decoration of church 1978-1979 and fire damage 1980
Letters and papers re fire damage 1980 and subsequent repairs, 1980-1982
Five colour photographs of decayed stone- and brickwork 1991; two colour photographs of church as restored n.d. [?1991]
[Found with newscuttings below and separated for their better preservation.]
Newscuttings re restoration, 1991
Church directories, 1982, 1989
Weekly news sheets, 1987-1993, 1994-1996
Romford Circuit Arts Festival certificates, 1977-1979
Certificate of registration of 13th Romford Girl Guide Company, 1988
[?Stencilled] poster re Sunday School (in poor condition)
Two notices re sittings in church

Victoria Road Methodist Church, Romford (D/NM 57)
(Grays and Romford Primitive Methodist Circuit, from 1935 Ilford Methodist Circuit, from 1947 Romford Methodist Circuit)
[Opened 1875, closed 1966.]

Trustees' treasurer's accounts, 1925-1935
Accounts, 1875-1925
Plans (and one artist's impression) of new church, 1949, 1951

Shenfield Methodist Church, York Road formerly Station Road (Ilford (Wesleyan) Methodist Circuit) (D/NM 58)
The site was taken over by the circuit in 1923, and sold in 1937. No church was built.

Trustees' minutes, 1923-1938

South Ockendon Methodist Church (D/NM 59)
(Romford Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, from 1908 Ilford (Wesleyan) Methodist Circuit, from 1947 Romford Methodist Circuit)
[According to Anthony Wilcox, National Index of Parish Registers, Volume 9, Part 4, Essex (1993), this church was founded in 1809, and became part of the Romford Wesleyan Methodist Circuit in 1833.]

Poster for opening services, 1847

Upminster Methodist Church, Hall Lane (Ilford (Wesleyan) Methodist Circuit, from 1947 Romford Methodist Circuit) (D/NM 60)

Plans of church, 1922, 1935, 1962, n.d.

Warley Methodist Church, Warley Road, Great Warley (Chelmsford Primitive Methodist Circuit, later Grays and Romford Primitive Methodist Circuit) (D/NM 22 addl.)
[According to Anthony Wilcox, National Index of Parish Registers, Volume 9, Part 4, Essex (1993), this church was founded in 1898 as part of the Chelmsford Primitive Methodist Circuit, was rebuilt and became part of the Grays and Romford Primitive Methodist Circuit in 1916, and closed in 1935.]

Copy conveyance of site, 1912
Copy form of application to Church Extension Fund 1912, with covering note from Chelmsford [Primitive Methodist Circuit] n.d.
Certificate as place of religious worship, 1916
Certificate of registration for solemnization of marriages, with covering letter and receipt for fee, 1918
Papers relating to assessment for undeveloped land duty under Finance Act of 1910, 1913-1914, with note (post-1937) 'Certain papers handed to Rev. E. Barrett by the Treasurer of the Warley ex-P.M. Church after the sale ...' [it is unclear whether this note refers only to these papers or to the whole group].
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Accession Boxes for A10352

A10352 Box 1Ilford Methodist Circuit records; Romford Methodist Circuit meeting minutes, manse committee minutes, trust schedule forms, notes on income and expenditure, circuit directories, group photographNot to be produced
A10352 Box 2Romford Methodist Circuit plans and directories; Gidea Park Methodist Church minutes of trustees, manse trust, AGM, Sunday School Council and pulpit noticesNot to be produced
A10352 Box 3Harold Hill Methodist Church recordsNot to be produced
A10352 Box 4Plans for Upminster Methodist Church, Billericay Methodist Church, Elm Park Methodist Church, Hornchurch and Hornchurch Methodist ChurchNot to be produced
A10352 Box 5Shenfield Methodist Church and Victoria Road Methodist Church, Romford recordsNot to be produced
A10352 Box 6Warley Methodist Church, Harold Wood Methodist Church, Collier Row Methodist Church, Romford nad Havering Road Methodist Church, Romford recordsNot to be produced
A10352 Box 7Grenfell Methodist Church, Hornchurch annual reports, Youth Council letters and papers, Women's Friendship Hour minutes, summary church accounts, envelope system records, Sunday School accountsNot to be produced
A10352 Box 8Grenfell Methodist Church, Hornchurch Youth Council minutes, Overseas Missions committee minutes, World Service and Mission papers, Women's Friendship Hour letters, programmes, visitors' book, book of remembranceNot to be produced
A10352 Box 9Trinity Methodist Church, Romford minutes of trustees, Building, Finance Committees, 1946-1963, accounts of trustees, stewards 1943-1961, papers re trustees, church membership, Sunday School register, plans alterations, windows, corres re propertyNot to be produced
A10352 Box 10Trinity Methodist Church, Romford Manse Trust, minutes of Annual Society and Leaders meetings, Church Family and Finance Committee, 1931-1945, Local Youth Council, Men's (with syllabuses) and Women's Fellowships, pulpit notices, attendance registersNot to be produced
A10352 Box 11Trinity Methodist Church, Romford collection journalsNot to be produced
A10352 Box 12Trinity Methodist Church, Romford papers re property, fire damage and restoration, Property Committee papers, specification for manse, church directories, weekly news sheets, Cirsuit Arts Festival certificates, notices re sittingsNot to be produced
A10352 Box 13ECC development plan for Romford; Gidea Park Methodist Church trust accounts and accountsNot to be produced
A10352 Box 14Romford Methodist Circuit schedule book; Trinity Methodist Church, Romford stewards' accounts, 1961-1985Not to be produced
A10352 Box 15Romford Methodist Circuit postersNot to be produced
A10352 Box 16South Ockendon Methodist Church recordsNot to be produced
A10352 Box 17Trinity Methodist Church, Romford artist's impression of interiorNot to be produced
A10352 Box 18Trinity Methodist Church, Romford artist's impression of interiorNot to be produced
A10352 Box 19Trinity Methodist Church, Romford stencilled poster re Sunday SchoolNot to be produced