Marriage Settlement
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Estate and Family records
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Deeds of land in Danbury, Sandon, Woodham Walter etc.
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Marriage Settlement (Lease & Release)
(i) Thomas Fytche esquire.; (ii)Ellizabeth Fytche, spinster (daughter of William Fytche.,Governor of Bengal in the East Indies, esquire, deceased, and niece of Thomas Fytche.), both of Danbury Place; (iii) Lewis Disney of Flintham, county Nottinghamshire, esquire; (iv)Edmund Turner of Kirmond county Lincolnshire, and Edmund Bott of The Inner Temple, London, esqsuires; (v) Wither Bramston of Hall Place (co. Southampton), esquire, and Reverend Samuel. Disney of Halstead, clerk; (vi) Thomas Berney Bramston of Skreens, esquire, and Richard Beauvoir of Downham hall, esquire. On marriage of (ii) and (iii)

Manor of Fingrith of Fingroth Hall or Fingreth Hall in Blackmore and the fair, late of Abel Baker, then of William Baker, then of Samuel Fytche. Danbury Park, and the capital messuage in the Park; closes in Sandon near the park 24 acres purchased by Doctor Robert Corey, and wife Mary of [blank] Soames. Manor of Woodham Walter, rectory and advowson of Woodham Walter, Shephens or Shephens Farm, formerly of Richard Cotton, then of William Royce, then of Mary Royce, widow; Lodge Farm formerly of Richard Brooks; Place Farm with two fields called Johnsons or Whiter's Park, formerly of Richard Ongham, then of John Ewes, then of Mary Royce (widow of Robert Royce); Tobitts or Tobies farm with Little Press Meadow. formerly of William Johnson, then of Edward Raven, then of John Raven; land formerly belonging to a messuage pulled down, formerly of widow Wilson, then of [blank] Skurry, then of John Raven, near of Collity Green; fields called Wren Park, formerly of Thomas Burgis, then of Edward Raven, then of John Raven 15 acres; ground on which a tenement stood on the common with 3 acres of land, formerly of George Aylwood, then of John Wiborow, then of John Creek called the Pheasant House; Oak Warren with house called the Royal Oak house, formerly of John Williams, then of John Medley, then of Mary Edwards, widow; The Old and the New warren and one messuage, formerly of John Wiborow, then newly built, then of John Creek, all in Woodham Walter; The Manor of Rottendon, or Rottenden, or Rattingdon, or Rattingdon Wall; the capital messuage called The Place, formerly of Mathew Dayles; Shed lands, formerly of William Nevill; The Tenement Farm, formerly of Nicholas Cooper, then of Elizabeth Maffin, widow, then of William Neville; Hall Farm, formerly of widow Rout; and Plumerswick Farm, formerly of Mathew Dayles; a cottage with 1acre, formerly of said Elizabeth Maffin then of said William Neville; all in Rettendon, in occupation of Mary Challis, widow, Thomas Finch, William Marrion, Thomas Griggs, William Boatwood, Richard Murridge and Edward bilding; Manor of Borehams in Sandon, the capital message called Borehams, formerly in occupation of John Dowsett, gentleman, then of Margaret Young, widow; Cross Field 14 acres Aymead 3 rod, Aymead 5 acres, Lower Juddies 7 acres, Upper Juddies 8 acres, John's Hill 17 acres. Dames Mead 7 acres, Knightsbridge Mead 17 acres, Sheep Coates 15 acres, The Further Maple Mead 6 acres, Hither Maple Mead 4 acres, Square Croft 4 acres, Homefield,heretofore divided into two, 21 acres, in Sandon, Danbury, Great & Little Baddow, late of William Wiltshire and [blank]; a messuage and 2 crofts, now laid into one; 3 acres in Danbury,purchased by Thomas Fytche from Henry Shackerly,seedsman, in occupation of Henry Philips 20 acres; wood and arable in Runsell in Danbury, formerly of Robert Clerks, deceased and Jerh. Norton, devised to Thomas Fytche, now of [blank]; land formerly called Pitt field 3 1/2acres, in Danbury, purchased by Thomas Fytche of Jonas Carpenter, yeoman, in occupation of [blank]; messuage, wherein Robert Fletcher formerly dwelt, called Woodhill house with closes 30 acres, in Sandon, formerly of Robert Fletcher, now of Thomas Fytche; and land in Sandon, now divided into four fields and a pightle 10 acres, in occupation of George Wood, yeoman,purchased by Thomas Fytche from Reverend William Rugge, clerk.
[Recites: Assignment of Mortgage, 5 September 1757, (i) said Thomas Fytche; (ii) Thomas Berney Bramston of Middle Temple; London, and William Braye of Hatfield Paverel, then of Bowham, esquires; (iii) Joseph Godfrey of London, merchant, and John Nicolson of Danbury, gentleman]
[Attested copies 2 December 1813, 6 & 27 pages]
Dates of Creation:
13 & 14 Sep. 1775