'Morant-Holman notebook'
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Research papers
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Morant Manuscripts
Scope and Content:
Rough notes made by P. Morant and W.H. Holman

P.2 Letter from H.Mordaunt to Bailiffs of Colchester, sending for arms left by his soldiers at the dissolving of the camp. Thundersley, 1625.
P.4, Charitable Foundation, Tradition that the almshouses in St.Mary's parish were founded by two sisters, named Lucas, 12 September, 1739.
P.6. Extract from Oath Book. Original in possession of Jeremiah Daniel.
P.7. Licence to found Gild of St. Helen, 1409.
P.11. Charter of lands of chapel of St. Elena. Collated with a good copy in the hands of Charles Gray. Also to be found in Oath Book, fol. 83, etc.
P.19. Assent Book i.,19 July,1597. Counsel taken, etc.,concerning agreement between the Bathiffs and Commonalty of Colchester and the late Abbot and convent of St. John's, whereby Sir Thomas Lucas challenged his lands to be forced from the Composition Service of Her Majesty's Household. 13s. 4d. yearly.
P.21. Letter of recommendation from Fellows of Pembroke Hall. 1586, on behalf of Samuel Harsnet, son of William Hasnoth (sic), baker, of St. Botolph's Street, Colchester, bap. 20 June, 1561.
P.47. Manufacture of Eringoroots by Robert Buxton and his apprentice. Samuel Great.
P.119. Full record of Town Preachers and their appointments.
P.128. "Pilborough's very exact account," of St. Runwald's Parish.
P.139. Two meetings of the Quakers, "the silent and the speaking ones" in St. Helen's.
P.163. "Committees or Sequestrators' Book.1645.
P.172. Letter from Edmund Pirton, Bentley, 1558, describing character of Sir Thomas Lucas. "Nor will men serve him if he be hanged at his gate. . ."
P.174. "In this town has been too much verified the saying ' That little which is truly noble can be expected from one that is ever poring on his Cash Book or ballancing his Accompt." Spectator No.174.
P.177. List of schoolmasters before Palmer Smythies, Dec.,1727.
P.199. Information concerning Sale of Livings.
Index of Subject Matter.
On inside last cover is a list of "Plates wanted in the History and Antiquities of Colchester," and where they could be purchased.
Dates of Creation:
1 volume
Finding Aids:
D/Y 2/1-10 are listed in the Catalogue of books, pamphlets, periodicals, manuscripts & scrap collections in the library of the Essex Archaeological Society (Colchester 1923), pp. 28-53. The present entry is based on that list (p. 28).
Existence of Copies:
Microfilm available in the Essex Record Office searchroom. Copies are to be made from the microfilm and not from the original.
Not Available:
Available on microfilm in the Essex Record Office searchroom