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Borough records
Level: Fonds
Level: Sub-Fonds
Deeds relating to Saffron Walden and neighbouring parishes
Level: Series
Scope and Content:
To all Christian people whom the present letters shall reach John son of John colle of Thaxstede, greeting in the Lord. Know that I have demised, released and entirely for myself and my heirs for ever quit claimed to Luke son of Henry Lucass of shaldeford his heirs and assigns, to the same Luke in full possession, my entire right and claim which I had or in any manner might have in three acres of land and pasture and in one acre of meadow with their appurtenances, in wymbich, whereof three acres of land and pasture lie between land of Robert Cunsentere on one side and land of Thomas potepol on the other side and one head reaches upon land of John de Hegham and the one acre of meadow lies in length next land of John de Hegham. so that neither I the aforesaid John nor my heirs &c. renunciation of claim. Warranty. Seal.

Witnesses:- John de Hegham, William Jerdele, William parlebyen, Thomas potepol, John Parlebyen and others

Given at Wymbich.
Dates of Creation:
22 February 1347/48