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Congregational (later United Reformed) Church records
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Proceedings of Church Meeting
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Account of origin of New Meeting House in St Helen's Lane written by Revd Mr Herrick in 1816; rules agreed at first church meeting; church meeting minutes 1817-1864, mostly admission and dismission of members (from 1836 in Stockwell Chapel); lists of members, c.1796-c.1866.

Minutes include note of 'thorough repair' of meeting house, having given up idea of new premises, new front beng completed 'strongly tied together with oak and iron', with four circular copper windows instead of two large square windows, and roof repaired, 30 May 1834; note that Joseph Coney, now in Springfield Gaol for letter stealing at Post Office where he was a clerk, 'was solemnly cut off from this Society. It was very affecting - May it be sanctified to the striving of many', 4 March 1836; note on reopening of chapel to be called Stockwell Chapel, 4 October 1836; note that Revd J.S.C.F. Frey, who preached and collected 'for Jewish objects', now lives in America, but 20 years ago was very popular in England ('He has changed about a good deal - and is Jewish still I think- but there is no doubt of his conversion to Christianity'), 4 March 1838; meeting of male members of church 'which was against the minister's judgement', with resolutions on admission of members and election of deacons, including voting for deacons to 'be by brethren only '('The minister has stated his judgment that in Christ Jesus there is neither male nor female (for there is no difference, etc.; females have a right to vote for minister and therefore right to vote for deacons etc. etc.'), 2 April 1839, followed by meetings appointing trustees, 1839, and account of minister and others of dispute between congregation and minister, January - April 1840; note that Moses Roper, 'an escaped American slave', spoke for 2 hours to audience of around 1500 ('certainly the greatest number that ever got into Stockwell Chapel. He exhibited the whips, chains etc. We sold 101 of his books, at 2s. each ... May good arise to the sacred cause of religious and civil freedom'), 30 September 1840; chapel having been seized by sheriff's officers for debt of £714 for mortgage made against minister's wishes by two trustees, offer from Baptists of their chapel when not in use, hiring of Bible Room in Lion Walk, 19 February 1843; note that 500 ministers have abandoned the Kirk in Scotland, with deputations to England to collect, public meeting held and collection made, 17 March 1844; chapel out of debt, 26 May 1844; collection for Irish and Scotch Famine Relief ('The distress and the sympathy seem equally great'), 31 January 1847; meeting held one day early for lecture by Frederic Douglass, 'an escaped American slave' at Friends' Meeting House, 4 March 1847.

Pasted at front: notes on Joseph Herrick obelisk in Colchester Cemetery; memorandum of ordination of Revd Joseph Herrick as pastor at the Independent Chapel in St Helen's Lane, with signatures of those present, 1814.

Loose: newscutting from 'Essex Telegraph' on death and funeral of Revd Mr Herrick, 1865.
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