Interview with Malcolm Carter, 14 October 2009
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Scope and Content:
Interview with Malcolm Carter about growing up in Harwich and the 1953 flood.

[Track 1:] Earliest memories: grew up at 45 Mayflower Avenue; born in his grandparents' house at 21 Station Road; attended Main Road Infants School, then Esplanade Junior School (1 minute 9 seconds).
[Track 2:] Account of the 1953 Flood: woken up by sound of marching feet, soldiers brought in from transit camp at Tollgate for rescue operation; walked to bottom of road and saw school’s playground under water; cars under water; rowing boats rescuing people; Salvation Army out with mobile tea and soup units (2 minutes 2 seconds).
[Track 3:] Concern for grandparents, tried to see their house; walked to Redoubt, saw water up to level of first floor window; then went to Harwich Green, saw one person through the window (1 minutes 53 seconds).
[Track 4:] Had to wait where rowing boats were dropping off rescued victims; grandparents arrived around 1:00 pm; went with grandfather to the Drill Hall to register; people from outside Harwich came to take in flood victims (2 minutes 12 seconds).
[Track 5:] Watched water subside over next week; returned to grandparents’ house next Saturday morning; table still laid for Sunday supper; water damage (4 minutes 8 seconds).
[Track 6:] People camping in Harwich Green; grandparents continued to live with them for nine months, moved back September/October 1953; most of furniture could not be salvaged; house cleared for grandparents then dried out and redecorated, given furniture, uncertain how much they had to contribute to costs (3 minutes).
[Track 7:] Effect of trauma on some neighbours (1 minute 12 seconds).
[Track 8:] Effect of flood on the town; loss of grandparents’ chickens; but house dried out well and minimal long-term effects; later visit to the house and much still the same; well behind the house (3 minutes 17 seconds).
[Track 9:] Some memories from Second World War: Nissen hut in grandparents’ garden; air raids and air battles overhead (2 minutes 23 seconds).
[Track 10:] Town’s gradual recovery after the flood (42 seconds).
[Track 11:] 1953: also when Harwich and Parkeston Football Club made it to the FA Cup Final; special trains put on for residents to go to the match; improved town's morale even though team lost the match (1 minute 5 seconds).
[Track 12:] Esplanade School: discipline; general respect for adults from children; centenary of school in the 1950s; several other family members attended school including father’s mother Ada Carter; played football for the school, Fisherman’s Cup; enjoyed school (4 minutes 4 seconds).
[Track 13:] Stayed at County High School until aged 18, with first two years in the Tower; then teacher training in London; returned to Harwich to teach at St George’s School for two years; then moved to London (1 minute 20 seconds).
[Track 14:] Intended to return to Harwich on retirement; now has roots in London but enjoys visiting; memories of eating Pitt’s fish and chips in Harwich (2 minutes 50 seconds).
Dates of Creation:
14 October 2009
31 minutes 23 seconds
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David Whittle
Admin History:
Malcolm Carter was born and grew up in Harwich. He trained as a teacher and eventually moved to London to teach.
Copyright of Mr Carter transferred to Harwich Society; copyright of recording transferred to ESVA but contact Harwich Society prior to use for broadcasting on radio, television, or non-ERO website.
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Harwich Society
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The interview with Mr Carter's sister, Diane Butler, is catalogued as SA 49/1/2/11/1.
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Essex Sound and Video Archive: use digital copy available on Soundcloud

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