Interview with June Cummings, 14 January 2013
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Interview with June Cummings about the 1953 flood.

[Track 1:] Activities the night before flood; blown over while getting fish and chips, strong, cold wind; brother went to Ferndale Road, could see water coming over the crossing from Bathside; returned home; fence gave way and water came into house, could not open door (1 minute 52 seconds).
[Track 2:] Family went upstairs, counted as water rose up stairs; stopped on sixth step; huddled together until daylight; mother not happy leaving property but instructed to leave by rescue team; went to Drill Hall, then sent to transit camp for two nights but had to sleep on floor because there were no beds left (1 minute 27 seconds).
[Track 3:] Went back to property illegally; watched attempts to drain road; forced out by workmen putting lime down on floors once water subsided; returned to transit camp for about ten days; returned again to devastated road, hosing mud away; instructed to throw everything out the front of the property; reliving night; remembers water pouring through front door (3 minutes).
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14 January 2013
6 minutes 20 seconds
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David Whittle
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June Cummings was living in Harwich at the time of the 1953 flood, with her brother and parents. They had to evacuate their house, but eventually returned to live.
Copyright of interviewee transferred to Harwich Society; copyright of recording transferred to ESVA but contact Harwich Society prior to use for broadcasting on radio, television, or non-ERO website.
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Harwich Society
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An interview with Bernie Cummings, taken on the same day, is catalogued as SA 49/1/2/21/1.
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Essex Sound and Video Archive: use digital copy available on Soundcloud

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