Interview with Ann Chapman
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Fryerns Library Fiftieth Anniversary
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Interview with Ann Chapman about growing up and raising children in Basildon, and working for the library service.

[Track 1:] Early life; father worked on the railways, got a house near Landseer [?] Road through her father's work; went to Pitsea School, then went to Grinstead School, then Timberlog; worked for library service until 1970 to raise children, returned to work about 11 years later (1 minute 33 seconds).
[Track 2:] First impressions on moving to Basildon: liked playing in the mud; deliveries from shops; Pitsea market; shopping with mother, local shops (3 minutes 7 seconds).
[Track 3:] Used to attend All Saints; also went to Sunday School at Grinstead Road in hearse converted into charabanc; held Harvest Supper to encourage old and new residents to mingle, some bad feeling towards the newcomers (2 minutes 37 seconds).
[Track 4:] Father worked as signalman electrifying the railway lines; became ill so worked in stationery department at Mobil Oil; then worked for local council; mother did temporary work in London and for local doctor in Timberlog Lane, later moved to Clay Hill Road (1 minute 26 seconds).
[Track 5:] School life, teachers; summer holidays, scrumping (1 minute 11 seconds).
[Track 6:] Description of house; mother remained frightened of losing house, had lived with grandmother and in former servants' quarters in Wanstead let out to homeless people (1 minute 6 seconds).
[Track 7:] Leisure time; went to cinema in Pitsea; courting; Campbell's buses; friendly place to live, got to know neighbours; local vicar; friendly neighbourhood, comparison with where she is living now (3 minutes 14 seconds).
[Track 8:] Lived in Whitmore Way after first getting married; friendly neighbours; many other young mothers; story of going to visit a friend during her confinement period; support from neighbours in raising children; children went to Northlands school, Pitsea, then Chalvedon; children's current careers (4 minutes 11 seconds).
[Track 9:] Housing exchange and moved to Long Riding; bad neighbours; got placed in bungalow in Pitsea because of asthma; good neighbours (1 minute 8 seconds).
[Track 10:] Work in the library service in the 1960s, in old church hall in Pitsea; poor heating; also worked at Laindon, doubled as rates office; trained as library assistant at Billericay; library service very busy in the late 1980s, worked at Basildon, newly built building (4 minutes 32 seconds).
[Track 11:] Changes over the course of her career, especially computerisation; first used recording disk to order material; first ELAN system introduced at Pitsea, problems because of incorrect wiring; usage starting to drop near the end of her career; value of current library service; health problems caused by installation of new carpets at Pitsea; moved to new Basildon Central Library (4 minutes 15 seconds).
[Track 12:] Now retired; member of local clubs in Pitsea (28 seconds).
[Track 13:] Changes in the area, especially build-up of Basildon; demise of local businesses and local village feel in the neighbourhoods; Pitsea market in decline; less personal service in modern shops, one of the benefits of the library service now (4 minutes 1 second).
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7 September 2010
32 minutes 54 seconds
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Ann Chapman was born in 1947. She moved to Basildon from London with her family in 1953.
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