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Interview with Geraldine Brunt [GB] about her memories of the USAAF during the Second World War. The interview was recorded by ERO Archive Assistant Neil Wiffen [NW] at Geraldine's home in Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire, on 18 April 2024.

[00:00:00] NW introduces the interview. NW and GB talk about the B-26 Marauder named after Geraldine. Discuss where Geraldine lived near Andrewsfield airfield and her family life. Father in the forces.
[00:03:38] GB talks about her memories of Americans based at the airfield. Tells anecdote about being offered sweets.
[00:07:35] Recalls that the Americans discussed their plane 'The Flying Hearse' with Geraldine and her mother, so named due to the people lost in it. Explains that Americans wanted to name the plane 'Geraldine' after her.
[00:10:33] Describes American bomber missions; bombers served 30 missions maximum before stopping. Recalls watching bombers lifting off.
[00:13:18] Comments on the noise from the airfield. Recalls checking 'her' plane for holes and warning bombers not to get holes in it.
[00:14:18] Recalls her mother inviting Americans into their home and offering them tea and meals in return for their generosity.
[00:15:57] Talks about her earliest memories; born 1941. Brother Martin born a few years later. Only three when the Americans arrived in the summer of 1944. Discuss further interactions with Americans, including recieving a smock and jacket from them.
[00:18:50] Recalls names of individuals; one nicknamed 'Webb' and another called Jimmy.
[00:20:19] NW and GB discuss the photograph of Geraldine watching her Marauder being painted by Webb [US National Archives reference 342-FH-3A45703-52864AC]. Made by a company called Martin.
[00:24:42] NW mentions book 'B-26 Marauder at War' by Roger Freeman (Shepperton, 1978); first knowledge of GB's story.
[00:26:47] GB talks about her memories of Americans departing the airfield in 1944 for war.
[00:27:35] Talks about her childhood memories, including going to school in Felsted.
[00:29:14] Mentions her mother's correspondence with Jimmy and Webb after the war, in the 1950s.
[00:30:53] Describes her nursing training and career.
[00:33:12] Talks about moving to Stevenage after she got married. Lived in a caravan, where she gave birth to her daughter. Talks about her other memories of Stevenage and places her family lived, including Braintree and London.
[00:37:52] Mentions her younger sisters, Andrea and Gillian. Went to school in London.
[00:39:38] Reflects on the Americans, her nursing training, and time in South Africa.
[00:40:36] Talks about becoming a taxi driver; couldn't do 12-hour nursing shifts with children.
[00:42:28] Recalls going to Stevenage College for teacher training; fit in around children's school hours.Then worked at a school in Gamlingay; describes building.
[00:47:11] Bought a house in rural East Hatley. Lived in current house in Gamlingay for over twenty years.
[00:49:00] Discusses her hobbies and clubs.
[00:51:09] Talks about the wooden model of her Marauder, possibly made by one of the Americans.
[00:54:52] Reflects on her pride at the Marauder being named after her and tells further anecdotes.
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