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Indictment of William Wyseman the elder of Upminster, gent, son and heir of George Wiseman, gent, late deceased, Ohn Lancton, Christopher Good, diggory Smarte, Richard Saunderson and John rumbole of the same, yeomen, together with divers other persons unknown, for making a forcible entry into the hall of the Manor house of Upminster, also a parlour called the great parlour and a room above it and a garret above the said room, another room called the cheese chamber and a room above it and a garret above the said room last mentioned, a buttery, a cellar, two kitchens called the old kitchen and the new kitchen, and a "boultingehouse", another part of the house called a milkhouse, a brewhouse, a larder and a room above the larder, and another parlour called the new parlour, another buttery and cellar adjoining the said parlour last mentioned, and another parlour called the old parlour with another buttery and cellar adjoining it, and a barn, a stable, and a room above the door there called the gatehouse chamber, all which premises are parcel of the Manor house aforesaid, being the free tenement of Roger James of Crayford, co. Kent, gent, and for disseizing the said Roger therefrom and expelling william Wyseman of Husborne Crawley, co. Bedford, gent, farmer of the said Roger, and keeping them so disseized and expelled from the above date until the day of taking this inquisition, contrar to the Statute of 8 Henry VI. Sent to the Bench by certiorari received in the Octave of Hilary, 1603-4. endorsed. true bill as touching the old parlour and the hall, as against william wiseman the elder and christopher good one ....., for the residue no true bill.
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12 November.1603
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Not to be produced