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At the Special Sessions of the peace held at Barking, before Sir Robert Leigh and Sir Nicholoas Coote, knts., Thomas Fanshawe, William Heigham,Thomas Warren and Reginald Argall esqs.

Stephen Bull of West Ham, yeoman, and Daniel Townsend of the same, butterman, for John typping of the same, leatherdresser, to appear at the next Quarter Sessions at Chelmsford, being presented to be a common drunkard and haunted of alehouses.

The said Bull and Thomas Hawes of the same, labourer, for John Palgrame of the same, labourer, as above.

The said Bull and William Firkyn of he same, Labourer, for John rowse of the same, chapman, as above.

Philip Brand and William Consdale of Woodford, Labourers, for John Basford of the same, labourer, as above.

Edward Weeden of West Ham, gardener, and Thomas Heddye of the same, yeoman, for Griffin Evens of the same, tailor, as above.

Richard Hughes of leyton, and william robynson of Walthamstow, labourers, for George Cooper of the same, smith, as above.

William Feake of woodford, gent, and john Herlyn of the same, baker, for Thomas Scott of the same, labourer, as above.

Philip Brand and John Taylor of Woodford, labourers, for William Consdewe of the same, labourer, as above.

John Consdewe and the said Taylor for Evean Stevens of the same, tailor, as above.

Thomas Nicholson of Barking, fisherman, and John Petpoole of the same, carpenter, for John Edwardes of the same, fisherman, as above.
The Jury present that the following are common drunkards, but are not as yet bound to their good behaviour.

James Kempe, Augustine Francklyn, JOhn Bennit, William le Smyth, Henry Wilde, Robert Florrey, Even Brill and Thomas Loriff of Barking, drunkards [see 173/98-101]; James Hedd and Thomas Mosse of the same common haunters of alehouses, John Askelon alias Bennitt of the same drunkard.

Francis Vandandicke and SamuEL Cooper of the same, and John Tompson of Great IIford, Victuallers without licence; all fined 3s.

Humphrey Marshe, Tobias Leeds and Nicholas Gray of west Ham, vcituallers without licence, Joseph Sutton and Richard Andrewes of the same, drunkards, [blank] Boyes of the same, victualler without licence.

Anne Baker of Woodford and Thomas Sharpe of Walthamstow, victuallers without licence.

Item they present that Richard Slyder, gent., occupies a carucate of land in Little Iiford and ought to provide a cart and two men for six day's work in the highways, and id not send them for three days, therefore he ought to forfeit 300s; the like against John Hayes of Woodford, gent., Who defaulted for five days, and therefore forfeits 50s.

Peter Sands of Woodford for not working six days, fined 6s.Thomas Barnard, constable of Leyton, for not setting men towatch between the feasts of the Ascension and St. Michael the Archangel, fined 5s; William Waglyn of West Ham, gardener, and Robert Whiltenton of Barking, fisherman, for refusing to watch during the same time, fined 12d.

Robert Canon of Walthamstow, gent., Christiana, wife of John Dawson of the same, Thomas Moore of Leyton, gent., and his wife, [blank] Povey of the same, gent., and his wife, John Burchley of Barking, gent., [blank Moore of the same, widow, all for not coming to church.

Thomas scorey and Nicholas Warrener of "Stratford at Bow", co. Middlesex, bakers, for not keeping the assize of bread with they sold in Essex, and therefore they are fined.
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31 August 160
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