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Title: Alan Mitchell - Wartime Submarines
Speaker(s): Mitchell, Alan; Haley, Edward
Date of recording: 3/3/1980
Length of tape: 45 mins
Depositor Haley, Edward
Restrictions: Copyright E. Haley
Synopsis of tape: Interview with Alan Mitchell, born 1922, at his hairdressing shop in Southend; 3 years as apprentice hairdresser, wages; joined LDF in 1939 - relationships between older and younger men, lack of equipment etc,; volunteered for Navy end 1940, then volunteered for submarines; detailed description of training; 30-day patrols off Norwegian coast, then fitted with radar and sent to Middle East; details of actions; calmness during action and feelings on sinking enemy ships; patrols around Greek Island - anecdotes; landing and picking up spies; loss of submarine while he was in hospital with pleurisy - shore work thereafter; deafness afflicting submariners; earned extra money doing hairdressing; description of meeting his wife; discussion of changes in men's hairstyles. (Tape ends abruptly)
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Deposited 26/8/1993

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