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Title: Harlow Project : A Resident's Reminiscences-1
Speaker(s): Searing, Jean
Date of recording: 12/1987
Length of tape: 15 minutes
Depositor: BBC Essex
Restrictions: BBC
Synopsis of tape: Reason for move to Harlow from Edmonton in 1949; satisfaction with facilities provided; good shopping centre in old town, but dangerous because of traffic; transport services and use of bicycles; health provision before establishment of Nuffield House Heath Centre; Primary School; Secondary Education provision in Harlow and surrounding area; entertainment available for young people, e.g. Harlequin Dance Hall, Cinema; comparative saftey for children; May Day celebrations and resulting country village atmosphere; current entertainment for children; preference for Harlow as a smaller town; local Fire Service; local personalities in shops; visits of VIPs to family show house in Chippingfield
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Subjects New Towns Harlow Project : A Resident's Reminiscences-1, 1987
Document Types Sound recording Harlow Project : A Resident's Reminiscences-1, 1987