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Calendar of Essex Assize File (ASS 35/64/1) Assizes held at Chelmsford 11 March 1622
Scope and Content:
Names of Prisoners:-
John Warren and winifred Chruchehouse remanded in gaol after judgemetn, William Wheatly remanded in gaol until he paid a fine of 40 Marks, Henry Slinger remanded in gaol from the last Assizes Samuel Addistor committed by Nicholas Coote, forfelony, John Swakkowe, Peter Edis and Philip Edis committed by Thomas Addams for suspicion of felony, edw, Wade committed by John Deane, for suspicion of felony, John Pettypoole committed by Thomas Franshawe, for suspicion of felony, John Hosier committed by Richard Francke, for suspicion of felony, JOhn veere committed by JOhn Argall, for suspicion fo felony, William Prentice committed by Anthony Ware, for suspicioon of felony, Edward Daniell committed by Thomas Wiseman, for suspicion of felony, John Ley committed by Nicholas Coote for felony, Anne Osborne committed by Edward Bridgewood, for suspicion of murder, Barnard Barry and Margaret His wife committed by Robert Willand , for suspicion of felony, William Heath committed by Edward Alleyne, for suspicion of felony Edward Tringe committed by William Aylofe, for suspicion of felonyTho. Ashley committed by Arthur Jarvis, for contempt, etc. William Spiller committed by Nicholas Coote, for robbery, William Foster committed by Robert Sandford, for suspicion of felony, Simon Wolnowe committed by Thomas Gardner, for suspicion of felony, William Grome amd Nicholas Blackwell committed by Thomas Addams for suspicion of felony Alice Cam committed by Henry Gent, for suspicion of felony, Alice cam Committed by Henry Gent, for suspicion of felony Zachary Crachewood committed by Brian Tuke, for suspicion of felony, JOhn Weese committed by Harbottle Grymeston, for suspicion of felony, William Trescott.Edward Powell, William Edmondes, Thomas Marre and Henry NIchollas, removed from Newgate Gaol by writ.
Gaol DELIVERY held at Chelmsford on 11 arch 19 James I.
Barnard Barry Henry Nicholls, Thomas Murrey, JOhn Ley, Anne Osborne hanged.
Zachery Cage (sic) hen. Marshall JOhn Swallowe, Simon Wolnowe, Isaac Foote, John Hosier, Peter Lyndwood - read, branded adn delivered.
Alice Cam. John Weese, William Grome, wm. Prentice, Edward Milborne Nicholas Blackwell_ whipped for petty larceny and delivered.
Hen. German Margaret Barry, Peter Edys, Philip Edys, John Beare, William Kynge, Paul Beane, William Heath alias Hearith Thomas Rose, Wn, Edmonds Edward Powell, Samuel Adester Edward Wade, JOhn Edwards, Edward Daniel John Mosse, JOhn Smyth, John Stondon Thomas Harvy- acquitted and delivered.
Wm. Spiller - remanded in gaol until delivered by Master Fanshawe.
John Pettypoole - remanded by good bail to appear at the next.
Wm. Foster - guilty of felony and remanded after judgement without bail.
John Warren -attained 16 James I for burglary and Autumn 17 Convicted for felony and remanded in gaol without bail and thus now remanded.
Wm. Wheatly - convicted 17 James I for assault, remaned in gaol until he paid 40 marks and thus remanded now.
winifrid Churchowse - indicted 18 jas. I for bigamy tried and found guilty Autumn sessions 19 James I remanded after judgement because she pleaded she was pregnant and thus remanded now.
Tho. Miller- remanded in gaol without bail because he was convicted of felony at the Sessions of the Peace.
Edw. Tompson, JOhn White, John Ellis. George Poole- remanded in gaol until the next Gaol Delivery.
Wm. Trescott _ remanded in gaol until
Hen. Slinger- remanded under custody of the sheriff without bail for seditions words, until delivered by Robert Houghton knt. or Randal Crewe knt. Justices.
Timothy Ashley - delivered by proclamation [Ass 35/64/1/60]