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Colchester Recalled recordings.

CR1186 (1) Anniversary of VE Day in Mount Bures, Colchester
CR1240 Bill Tucker
CR1241 Town and Country
CR1242 Degree Ceremony
CR1243 Degree Ceremony
CR1244 Air France - Concorde
CR1245 Keith Pettit - Corn Dollies
CR1246 Colchester Rag Trade
CR1247 Eric Rudsdale Diary
CR1248 Wivenhoe Conversation
CR1249 National Service
CR1251 Architecture of Witham
CR1252 History of Harwich
CR1253 History of Heybridge Basin
CR1257 Heros of Lexden War Memorial
CR1258 Colchester Recalled AGM
CR1259 50th Anniversary of D-Day commemoration - Crossing the Rhine
CR1260 (1-2) VJ Day Commemoration
CR1261 Americans at Wormingford
CR1262 Bob Russell, his life
CR1263 Women at War
CR1264 Gypsy Camera
CR1265 (1) Guild of Essex Craftsmen
CR1266 Life as a Child in World War Two
CR1267 Life as a Child in World War Two
CR1268 Life as a Child in World War Two
CR1269 Life as a Child in World War Two
CR1270 The Americans Return
CR1271 RMS and Canadians, Normandy 50th anniversary
CR1272 Normandy - Pegasus Bridge
CR1273 Normandy June 1944
CR1274 (1) Normandy June 1944
CR1274 (2) Normandy - Bayeux
CR1275 Colchester Water Supply
CR1276 The St Botolphs Bombing
CR1277 Colchester United
CR1278 50th Anniversary of Rhine Crossing
CR1280 WEA - Don Scott for Radio Essex 16 Jan 2004
CR1502 (1-2) Roy Orrin
CR1533 (4) BA Brown
CR1539 (1-9) Jack Andrews
CR1562 (3) Mrs Girling
CR1570 David Cardy
CR1571 John Norman
CR1572 Bob Kirk
CR1573 (1-2) Frank Brinkworth
CR1600 Americans Return (catalogued as SA 8/8/1/1)
CR1601 Madingley Cemetery 17 May (catalogued as SA 8/8/2/1)
CR1602 (1) Americans Return (catalogued as SA 8/8/3/1)
CR1611 Americans Return (catalogued as SA 8/8/14/1)
CR1612 Americans Return (catalogued as SA 8/8/15/1)
CR1623 (1) USAF Return Boxted (catalogued as SA 8/8/26/1)
CR1659 (2) Americans Return (catalogued as SA 8/8/63/1)
CR1729 (1-2) B Chaplin
CR1880 Roge Maltby
CR1965 (1-2) Tom Osborne
CR2007 (1) Alfred Bloomfield
CR2128 (1) William Sadler
CR2280 (8) Bernard Jenkin - CLOSED
CR2314 Mr C Howe
CR2326 (3) Ann Jenkin
CR2407 (2-8) Jim Frazer
CR2408 (1) Basil Loven
CR2418 (4) Austin Tabard
CR2432 (2-3) David Hart
CR2450 Steve Scales
CR2452 Tony Locke
CR2453 (1-2, 5) Graeme Gloak
CR2454 (1-2) E Free
CR2473 (1-2) N Sawzcuki [CLOSED]
CR2474 (1-2) P Cobbold
CR2475 HG Rudkin
CR2481 (1-7) Rosemary Mead

Colchester Recalled summaries.

CR0031 Godbold
CR1709 Tye
CR1722 (1-2) Vince
CR1859 Williams
CR1865 Warner
CR1871 Thompson
CR1879 Warren
CR2099 Lewis
CR2114 Pryke
CR2120 Blythe
CR2127 (1-2) Davies
CR2311 Barritt
CR2382 (1-2) Frost
CR2412 (1-2) Dobson
CR2419 Souter
CR2424 Lofthouse
CR2427 Hislop
CR2432 (1-2) Hart
CR2435 (1-2) Jeffrey
CR2449 Holt
CR2451 Wells
CR2452 Locke
CR2454 Free
CR2459 Underwood [CLOSED]
CR2463 Hutton
CR2471 Evans [CLOSED]
CR2480 Ridley-Thomas

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103 cassettes, 30 transcripts
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SA 8 addl.

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