Radio talk: 'Voices from my Village' (with separate music and FX)
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British Information Services (Central Office of Information) radio talks
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'Voices from my Village'
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Radio talk
Scope and Content:
Radio documentary programme illustrating a 'typical' English village. Includes mood music and sound effects. The village is Great Chesterford where Carl Huson lived, although it is not named in the programme and some of the recordings used were from surrounding villages. This recording also includes (on Side B of the original 33rpm disc) as separate tracks the music and sound effects used in the programme in order that the programme could be recreated with the narration in another language.
[1] Programme (Side A of original disc) - for details of the content of the programme see SA 34/1/1/5/1/2/1 (14:00)
[2] Music - opening pastoral theme (2:53)
[3] Music - sprightly (1:35)
[4] FX - chickens (0:25)
[5] FX - church bells and hymn singing (1:00) (listen to clip above)
[6] FX - tractor in a field of sheep (0:38)
[7] FX - excavator (0:30)
[8] FX - factory, then birdsong (0:28)
[9] FX - schoolchildren outside (0:40)
[10] FX - school bell (0:15)
[11] FX - school recorder orchestra and choir performing 'Nellie Bligh' (0:45)
[12] Music - piano piece by Alan Rawsthorne (0:50)
[13] FX - ship's bell (0:15)
[14] FX - pub atmosphere (0:40)
[15] FX - pub atmosphere and piano (0:40)
[16] FX - church clock chimes (0:35)
[17] Music - closing theme (0:30)

Dates of Creation:
26 minutes
Creator Name:
British Information Services: Carl Huson; David C. Turner; John Swift
Admin History:
C.O.I. reference number: RS101 (62/1208)
Crown Copyright [expires 31 December 2012]
Physical Characteristics:
CD-R [copied from 33rpm vinyl disc]
Related Unit of Description:
There is a copy of this programme recorded from open reel tape catalogued as SA 34/1/1/5/1/2/1. A first rough version of the programme is catalogued as SA 34/1/1/5/1/1/1. A script of the radio talk is catalogued as SA 34/1/1/5/1/1/3.

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Document Types Sound recording Radio talk: 'Voices from my Village' (with separate music and FX), 1962