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Colchester Recalled recordings (CDs and cassettes):
CR0950 AE Newman
CR0951 Sexton
CR0952 E Wells
CR0953 Vic Cutting
CR0954 G Hardy
CR0955 Tom Arnold
CR0956 G Griffiths
CR0957 P Aldiss
CR0958 R Haines
CR0959 B Brown
CR0960 J Praille
CR0961 W Carder
CR0962 G Reede
CR0963 A Barnes
CR0964 B Pearl
CR0966 Willshire and Hardy
CR1322 Clacton by Sea
CR1323 Colchester Town Cryer
CR1324 Tales from the Embassy
CR1325 Colchester Recalled AGM
CR1326 The Essex Police
CR1327 The Silk Museum at Braintree
CR1328 (1-2) B Jay - Mersea Museum
CR1329 Quen Elizabeth II visit (1985)
CR1330 The Bones of Margaret of York
CR1331 The Making of Modern Essex
CR1332 30 years in a police car
CR1503-4 Songs by Ken Mabbitt
CR1607-1651 Americans Return
CR1724 (1) Dorothy Howie
CR1728 Zena Beere
CR1732 Werner Thieme
CR1801-1813 Co-Op 150 Anniversary
CR1870 P Moss
CR1918 (2) Nicholas Barker
CR1939 Oliver Middleton
CR1958 (1-2) Neil Orr
CR1959 (1-2) Richard Todd
CR1960 Dr Richard Hudson
CR1961 Diana Rawlinson
CR1963 Alan Ogilvie
CR1964 (1-2) RW Griffin
CR1965 Alan Thorogood
CR1966 (1-2) MS Vernon
CR1967 (1-2) Terry Wilson
CR2002 (1) P Oliver
CR2003 Kathleen Grimsey
CR2005 C Cooper
CR2008 (1) Mrs D Baldwin
CR2009 (1) Miss Dolly Dines
CR2023 (1) Olive Manning
CR2026 (1) Noel Underdown
CR2028 (1) Philip Jackson
CR2029 (1) S Donald Perry
CR2033 (1-2) Mrs Elsie M Wilby
CR2035 Mrs Gillian Newall
CR2043 Barbara Hynde
CR2044 Frank Tweed; Dudley White
CR2047 (1-2) Westley Sandford
CR2048 Fred Bond
CR2049 Mills Crook
CR2050 Florence Johnson
CR2051 Bert Tuckwell
CR2053 Mrs ME Page
CR2054 (1-2) James W Mills
CR2055 (1-2) Evelyn Gooderham
CR2056 Mrs Emily Day
CR2058 Miss Elsie Salmon
CR2060 Dr Beryl Goff
CR2061 (1-2) Adolphus JC Bastaple
CR2067 Mrs Eileen Smith
CR2068 (1-2) David Clarke
CR2069 (1-2) Jim Parish
CR2071 (1-2) Len Munson
CR2072 Eric [or George] Axten
CR2073 Kathleen Price
CR2074 (1-2) George Rudge
CR2076 (1-2) Percy Hiskey
CR2077 Misses Dorothy and Constance Newnum
CR2078 Mrs Ryall
CR2079 Carrie Rowe
CR2080 Douglas Gentry
CR2081 (1-2) Maud Harwood
CR2082 Len Cawcutt
CR2083 (1-7) RR Newcombe
CR2084 Miss Semer
CR2085 Dick Grundy
CR2086 (1-4) Bill Dent
CR2105 George White
CR2433 Mrs Pat Wilson
CR2444 (2) D Stoker
CR2456 (1-8) [Confidential: Closed]
CR2466 (1-2) Paul Woods
CR2467 (1-3) RJ Porter
CR2468 (1-6) Austin Tabard
CR2476 B Sycamore
CR2489 (1-4) K Hurlo
CR2492 Alistair Gould
CR2493 (2) Derrick Mills
CR2505 (2) C Nicholson
CR2506 (1-4) K Warne
CR2512 (1) Mr and Mrs Garrard
CR2532 Margaret Polley
CR2534 (1-2) Robin Tomkins [CLOSED]
CR2547 (5-6) Harry Mussett
CR2550 (3) J Watsham
CR2552 (1-2) Mary Lowe
CR2553 (1-2) Col. Tim Illingworth
CR2554 (1-2) Jim Robertson
CR2555 (1-4) Mary Fairhead
CR2556 (1-2) Colin Neville
CR2557 Lillian Petrie
CR2558 (1-2) I Hazell
CR2559 (1-2) Parson's Heath 40th Anniversary
CR2561 JM Edwards
CR2562 (1-2) Kenneth Thorne
CR2563 (1-2) Margorie Raby
CR2564 Oxborrow
CR2565 Judy Breakell
CR2566 (1-2) Richard Cooper
CR2567 Dorothy Golding
CR8000 (1) Freda Annis
CR8001 (2-3) Freda Annis
CR8002 (1) Bill Ellis
CR8003 (1) Gilly Poole
CR8004 (1-2) Bill Webb
CR8005 (1) Hillary Harvey
CR8006 (1-2) Ralph Moss
CR8007 (1) Charles and June Sanson
CR8008 (1) Eunice Baker
CR8009 (1-2) Annie Bielecka
CR8010 (1-2) Ken Green
CR8011 (1-2) Don Smith
CR8015 (1) Ellen Primm
CR8048 David Burrows
CR8049 Barry Green
CR8050 Edna and Graham Wadley
CR8067 (3) Art on the Railings
CR8070 Max Tannahill
CR8071 (1) Wivenhoe Gardeners
CR9002 J Gellor
CR9006 (1-2) Dudley Wright

Colchester Recalled interview summaries:
CR2505 (5) CJ Nicholson
CR8052-CR8055, CR8074, CR8106

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266 cassettes, 13 CD-Rs, 6 summaries
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SA 8 addl.

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