Folk Clubs miscellaneous papers
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Miscellaneous papers relating to various folk clubs in Essex from 1969 to 1985, including Havering Folk Club, Hornchurch Folk Club, Windmill Folk Club (in Upminster), Romford Folk Club, Chelmsford Folk Club, and the Hoy at Anchor.


1. Folk Club membership cards, various clubs, 1969-76, contact cards for performers and agents, ticket for Richard and Linda Thompson

2. Havering Folk Club song sheet, words and music of Sir Belvedere Rides Again by Jim Garrett
3. Havering Folk Club blank engagement letter abd seasonal programmes
4. Publicity poster for Touchwood
5. Havering Folk Club contract with Dave Peabody and Hugh McNulty, publicity photo of Dave Peabody
6. HaveringFolk Club confirmation of engagement of Nic Jones 1974, confirmation of appointment from Mike Moreton 1974
7. Contract with Richard Digance 1974, letter from Rick Christian 1974
8. Confirmation letter from Nick Pickett 1974, Havering FC list of performers March - July 1974
9. Confirmation of booking for John and Brian 1974, corresponence from Sandy Glennon, agent
10. Havering FC contract with Michael Moore, Puppet Promotions publicity for Michael Moore
11. copy of Melody Maker article on Michael Moore, Havering FC list of performers May - August 1975
12. Havering FC contract with Pete Quin 1975, list of performers 1976, contract with Downes and Beer 1976
13. Contract with Richard Digance 1976, publicity photo of Richard Digance
14. Letter from June Tabor 1976, confirmation of engagement from Miriam Backhouse
15. Havering FC list of performers 1976-7, contract with Fiddler's Dram 1977
16. Havering FC list of performers 1977 with financial calculations on the back
17. Havering FC list of performers 1977, notice for last night of club 1977 written on back of list for Margaretting FC

18. Hornchurch FC notice, details of Magic Lantern "folk theatre" group, 1974
19. Hornchurch FC guest list 1974, guest list 1973/4
20. Handmade poster for Hornchurch FC Christmas party

21. London Borough of Havering Entertainment Programme 1974 Windmill FC Upminster, Windmill FC guest list Nov - Dec 1974
22. Publicity leaflet for The Bushwackers, Windmill FC guest list May-July 1975
23. Windmill FC gust lists Nov-Dec 1975 and Jan-Feb 1976
24. Hvering Recreation & Amenities leaflet Windmill FC 1976, Havering Silver Jubilee Celebration 1977 Ceilidh
25. Details of free folk concert and ceilidh 23/7/78, Windmill FC blank cash analysis sheet and blank membership list
26. Poster for Windmill FC Havering Recreation & Amenities Division

27. Romford Folk Club contract with Adrian May 5/11/77
28. Pewter Tankard FC guest lists 1977 and 1977-8
29. Chorus song sheet for An Evening With Albert and the Grobbblies, Pewter Tankard guest list April-June 1977
30. Cottage Folk Agency contract for Miriam Backhouse 1977, publicity material and photo of Miriam Backhouse
31. Cottage Folk Agency contract for Alistair Anderson 14/7/77; Sweet Folk-All Agency for Don Shepherd 1978
32. Carmel Music Agency contract for Kathy Heath 1978
33. Designs for leaflets for Pewter Tankard Folk Club
34. Leaflets for Pewter Tankard FC

35. Golden Fleece guest list, club crossword competitions
36. DJs Clubroom guest list, newsletter Aug. 1978
37. DJs guest lists Sept-Nov and Mar-June
38. Newsletter Dec.1979, newsletter Autumn 1981
39. Newsletters Spring 1982 and Summer 1982
40. Newsletters Midwinter 1983 and Summer 1983
41. Newsletters Christmas 1983 and Winter 1984
42. Newsletters Summer 1985 and Autumn 1985 (British Legion Hall)
43. Newsletter 1979 including brief history (DJs)
44. Newsletters Spring-Summer (British Legion) and "Colin had a dream...."

45. Guest list Jan-June 1978, guest list April-Dec 1978
46. Guest list July 1978 - Jan 1979

47. Guest list Epping Folk Club, Heronfolk
48. Brentwood Folk Club guest list 1974, poster


1. Ilford Folk Club guest lists 1974
2. Ilford Folk Club New Year Party poster
3. Odyssey FC (Southend) programmes 1976-7 and 1977-8
4. Jingling Gate FC (Basildon) guest list, contact details card for Barge Folk Singers Club Battlesbridge
5. Margaretting FC guest list for 1977, membership card
6. Poster for Fundraising Folk Concert at Brentwood Odeon 1973
7. Advertising poster for Dave Paskett
8. Advertising poster for Cocky
9. Advertising poster for Alex Campbell, publicity photo of Tim Laycock
10. Two publicity photos of Art Gardner and Rick Christian
11. Newham Folk Society flier for May Day Country Dance, ticket for Old Edwardians Rugby Club Ceilidh 1977
12. "The Suffolk Miracle" broadside reprint, publicity photo for Amity
13. Publicity photo of Pete Quin
14. Publicity poster for Stan Arnold
15. Bandoggs tour list, publicity poster for Wild Oats
16. Gnome Sweet Gnome poster and letter
17. Publicity photo of Tapicers and Sweet Folk-All Agency card, publicity photo of John Turner
18. Flier for "5 handreel" electric folk band, promotional material for Hot Vultures
19. Poster for Dominic Patten, poster for Truss and Bucket band
20. Artist price list from Steve Hut Agency 1977, letter from Mark Fowler re: reopening of Folk Club in Basildon
21. Leaflet advertising Morris Dancing at Westminster Abbey 1977
22. Poster advertising Essex Folk 78 at The Rocheway Centre, Rochford
23. Photo of Bandoggs (Pete Coe, Nic Jones, Chris Coe and Tony Rose), publicity material for John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris
24. Payment slip for John Durrant from London Broadcasting Company Ltd. 1974, guest list for Pewter Tankard FC
25. Details of St. Albans Folk Festival 1977, advertising poster for Truss and Bucket band first recording
26. Newham Folk Society newsletter 1977
27. Hermit FC (Brentwood) evening programme 31/7/79, Hoy at Anchor newsletter 1977
28. Stratford FC guest list, "On the Move Again" Thoughts and Songs of Barry Jones 1995
29. Chelmsford FC guest list at DJs, Chelmsford FC guest list at Golden Fleece, membership card 1977
30. Publicity photos and fliers for Bully Wee
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