Scope and Content:
Six interviews and a teachers pack produced for the 12 Foot Under Project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and led by Castle Point Borough Council between 2004 and 2005.

The project aimed to create a community archive of local people's stories of the1953 North Sea Flood on Canvey Island. As part of the project, Luan Blake and Marion Duggan from Ragroof Theatre wrote and directed 'A Town in the Sea', a community play made in response to local people's memories of the flood. The play was performed at Lake View Hall, Winter Gardens School, 15-17 July 2005.

Other activities that took place as part of the project included: drama workshops at the Canvey Youth Project, Images Youth Centre, Furtherwick Park School, the Paddocks, and Lake View Hall; the display of emergency boxes for evacuees, made by Canvey's primary school pupils; a 1950s cookery lesson at Winter Gardens School, led by Margaret Payne and Kate Clayton; talks from the Heritage Centre; creative writing workshops led by Tara Gould; and a touring display.


1) Interviews with Joan Liddird, 16 December 2004; Chris and Roy Hepworth, 15 December 2004; and Janet Dolling, 6 December 2004 (1 CD-R)
2) Interview with Mr and Mrs G Scantlebury, 9 March 2005 (1 CD-R)
3) Interviews with Geoff Barsby, 10 March 2005, and Dr Alan Whitcomb, 6 December 2004 (1 CD-R)
4) 12 Foot Under newsletter, April 2005
5) Summary of the flood project, including timeline and marketing plan

Teachers pack:

1) Teachers pack booklet
2) 'A Town in the Sea' programme
3) 'A Town in the Sea' (1 DVD)
4) 'A Town in the Sea' script
5) Postcards created to publicise the play
6) Interviews with Joan Liddiard and Janet Dolling (1 CD-R)
7) Photographs of Canvey Island during the 1953 flood
8) Leaflets from the Environment Agency, including fiftieth anniversary booklets for the region and for Essex
9) Eastern Daily Press newspaper, dated 2 February 1953

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