Scope and Content:
Harlow Talking Newspaper for the Blind
1) Monthly magazine programmes June 1986 - July 1989, December 1989, February 1990, April 1990, January 1992, August 1992, December 1992 - April 1993 (59 cassettes)
2) Harlow Talking Newspaper 1979-1989 Tenth Anniversary Souvenir Edition (1 cassette)
3) "I Remember (How about you?)" - music played on Maplin 'Classical' Organ by Cathie King (1 cassette)
4) Music played on electronic keyboard (1 cassette)
5) First edition of "Soundings" monthly talking magazine made by BT in association with St. Dunstan's and the Talking Newspaper Association of the UK (1 cassette)
6) Redbridge Talking Newspaper edition no.554 23 July 1987 (1 cassette).

THESE RECORDINGS CANNOT BE ACCESSED by researchers until access copies have been created. This may take some time. To express an interest in listening to one or more of these recordings, contact the Essex Sound and Video Archive.
64 cassettes
Dates of Description:
June 1986 - April 1993

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