Interview with Charles Reason, 13 January 2009
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Scope and Content:
Interview with Charles Reason about life in Harwich, service in the Second World War, and the 1953 Flood.

[Track 1] Early childhood memories: games; scrumping; trips to the beach; collecting fruit, mussels, etc to eat; household growing up: layout of the house; chores; daily routine (2 minutes 44 seconds).
[Track 2] Father a carpenter: apprenticed to Saunder’s, born in Portland Place, then moved to Second Avenue (1 minute 32 seconds).
[Track 3] Local shops and tradesmen, buying fresh shrimp (1 minute 41 seconds).
[Track 4] Attended Second Avenue School, left around age seven: started round delivering bread rolls while at school; then became paper boy for WH Smith (3 minutes 30 seconds).
[Track 5] Attended Hill School from age seven to eleven; then attended Central School in Waddesdon Road until age fourteen; teachers there (2 minutes 37 seconds).
[Track 6] Had four siblings; much later discovered that at least one other brother had died (1 minute 46 seconds).
[Track 7] Left school at age fourteen; first job at Dunn’s butchers (Lee Road) as errand boy; other shops in the area including fishmonger’s, grocer's, tailor, haberdasher and sweet shop; coal yard; slaughter houses (6 minutes 2 seconds).
[Track 8] Bunker’s Meadow, now Portland Crescent: used for playing football, visiting fairs or circuses (2 minutes 51 seconds).
[Track 9] Moved to employment at Bramble Island, circa 1935: making blasting cartridges for coal mines and lead crystals (2 minutes 31 seconds).
[Track 10] Joined TA [Territorial Army] in November 1937; drills in the Drill Hall (now Park Pavilion) twice a week; payments received; uniform; annual camp at Bembridge, Isle of Wight, won artillery competition; artillery stationed on Beacon Hill; training once a year with live ammunition (5 minutes 49 seconds).
[Track 11] Called up to serve in the Second World War; first sent to Brackenbury, Felixstowe [Suffolk], then returned to Beacon Hill but had little to do; in 1940 sent to Narvik Fjord, Norway to install artillery, but ship sank; sent home on the Monarch of Bermuda (6 minutes 1 second).
[Track 12] 1940: Returned to Greenock [Inverclyde], then sent to Llandidnos [Llandudno, Conwy], then given leave; Essex Regiment wanted to make Harwich a sealed unit but many residents refused to evacuate, including his parents (2 minutes 52 seconds).
[Track 13] Next sent to Haverford [Pembrokeshire], then Flat Holm, Bristol Channel to man guns there; then moved to Portishead [Somerset] to train Home Guard; then moved to Brean Down [Somerset] to operate telephone exchange; then moved to Steep Holm [Bristol Channel] to operate artillery again (3 minutes 21 seconds).
[Track 14] Sent to Aldershot [Hampshire]; eventually sent out to Sicily [Italy] to help with invasion; then moved to Bari [Italy], then Barletta (4 minutes 40 seconds).
[Track 15] Continued following troops up coast of Italy, ended working with navy in radar stations in Adriatic Sea; demobbed from Trieste; returned to work in Harwich in January 1946 (1 minute 6 seconds).
[Track 16] Working at Cann’s as painter/decorator, refurbishing Pier Hotel, Cliff Hotel, Royal Flats [Kings Quay Street] (5 minutes 45 seconds).
[Track 17] Memories of 1953 Flood: helped to tie up boats on Saturday night; woken up on Sunday morning by police to help man rescue boats (4 minutes 25 seconds).
[Track 18] From Monday helped with pumping out roads; additional pumps brought from London (4 minutes 40 seconds).
[Track 19] Permanent saltwater damage to flooded houses on Bathside (2 minutes).
Dates of Creation:
13 January 2009
65 minutes 54 seconds
Admin History:
Charles Reason was born 16 October 1920 at Second Avenue.
Custodial History:
This recording was deposited with a copy of an extract of the last ten minutes of the interview, discussing the 1953 Flood.
Copyright of interviewee transferred to Harwich Society; copyright of recording transferred to ESVA but contact Harwich Society prior to use for broadcasting on radio, television, or non-ERO website.
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Harwich Society
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Digital photograph of Charles Reason catalogued as SA 49/1/1/7/4.
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