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Title: Jack Nelson Wise (2) Wartime Navy
Speaker(s): Wise, Jack Nelson; Haley, Edward
Date of recording: 29/9/81
Lenght of tape: 90 mins
Depositor: Haley, Edward
Restrictions: Copyright Edward Haley
Stnopsis of tape: Memories of Jack Nelson Wise continued from SA 20/1532/1; training for coastal forces, motor launch, seasickness, convoy escort work; reactions of self and crew when rescuing German air crew; friendly fire incident - court enquiry; small flotilla attached to Mountbatten's unit - gun boats, patrols, landing commandos, operations in preparation for D-Day; 1944 MTB, night patrols, sunk by mine; side 2 - continued MTB work, story of sinking German ships; experience of being fired upon from French coast and Channel Islands; damaged by mine off La Rochelle; story of being posted to Far East, reluctance to go; story of trip out to Burma; annual reunion of officers; relationships with other officers. (Last few minutes of tape have poor sound quality) (Continued on SA 20/1534/1)
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Deposited 26/8/1993

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Subjects Second World War Jack Nelson Wise (2) Wartime Navy, 1981
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