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Title: American D-Day Bomber Pilot
Speaker(s): Clifford Pontbriand; Janet Pugh
Date of recording: 11/5/94
Date of broadcast: Cue Sheet
Addl. documentation: Cue Sheet
Length of tape: 3 mins
Depositor: BBC Essex
Restrictions: BBC Essex
Synopsis of tape: Interview with a former American Bomber Pilot, who was stationed at Stansted in 1944, as he returned from a nostalgic flight to France; memories of 1944 and 1945; feelings about proposed celebration of D-Day
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Extracts from this recording were used for the book 'The Occupied Coast: Living in the Shadow of the Atlantic Wall' by Aline Sax, Hannelore Vandebroek, Jonas Raats and Maarten Mahieu, researchers from the Geheugen Collectief, commissioned by the Province of West Flanders (Hannibal Publishing, 2014) ISBN: 978 94 9137 686 3

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