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Calendar of Essex Assize File [ASS 35/59/1] Assizes held at Brentwood 10 March 1617.
Scope and Content:
CALENDER of the Justices of the Peace and others.

Justices of the Peace:-
Thomas Viscount Brackley, Lord Chancellor, Thomas Earl of Suffolk, Lord Treasurer, Edward Earl of Worcester, Keeper of the Privy Seal, Charles Earl of Nottingham Lord Admiral, Robert Earl of Sussex, William Earl of Salisbury, John Bishop of London, Theophilos Lord Howard de Walden Edward Lord Morely, Robert Lord Riche* Thomas Lord Darcey of Chiche, William Lord Mountegle, John Lord Hundson, William Lord Petre* Lord Denny* Thomas Edmondeds. Controller of the Household (in service); Francis Bacon Knt. Attorney General John Croke*, Robert Houghton*, Justices of the Court of Common Pleas, Francis Barrington*, Justices of the Court of Common Pleas, Francis Barrington*, William Maynard*, William Ayloffe* and Harbottle Grimeston (infirm) all barts., Daniel Dunn, Master of the Court of Requests (in service), Christopher Hatton, John Sammes*, William Smyth*, John Deane* and Richard Weston*, all knights, John Poyntz* alias Morris, Chamberlain of the Exchequer, William Herrris* of Shenfield Henry Maxey* Thomas Gardener (infirm) Thomas Harris*, Nicholas Coote*, Edward Barrett*, Edw., Boteler*, Thomas Beckingham*, Thomas Wiseman*, Stephen Powle*, Henry Lee*, Thomas Gurney*, Edward (illegible) and Rob> Clerk*, all knights Thomas Edwards LL.D. Master in Chancery (in London), Robert Barker, serjeant-at-law (illegible Suffolk), William Towse* and Charles Chibborne*, serjeants-at-law, Geoffrey Nightingale (old and infirm) William Higham (old) Richard Francke (infirm) Edward Waldgrave* Henry Gentt*, Thomas Wiseman (infirm) John Stephen* William Ayloffe (in another county) JOhn Wright* Robert Riche*, John Darcy*, John Argoll*, Edward Ellrington*. John Harleston* Francis Barnard (illegible)Anth. Luther*, Francis Ramm*, Robert Wiseman*, Brian Tuke*, Sandford*, and Thomas Addams, all esquires (illegible).


John Nashe, William Andrews, gents.
GAOL DELIVERY held at Chelmsford (sic) on 10 March 14 Jas, I, before John Croke Robert Houghton &c.

Sam. Mounck. James Berryford, John Brinckley John Campe, Richard Twyers, Simon Langfeild, William Reynolds - hanged.
John Gillian Hugh Fowler, Henry Cooke, Rice Gryfith, John Revell, William Jones, Thomas Brussell, Robert Watson, Edward Felsted - read, branded and delivered.
Geo. Warren, George Mayer, Stephen Rudland, Rob, Burr Richard Wolfe- whipped and delivered.
Anne Lewes - guilty now for the goods, and remanded after judgement because she pleaded pregnancy, without bail.
Wm.Badcock - guilty now for burglary and remanded after judgement, without bail.
Ralph Tapps, Isaac Goose _ remanded in gaol without bail.
Benjamin Gibson - remanded in gaol without bail until he be sent to Cambridgeshire.
Math. Paulter, wm. Ellen Boone, John Hockett, John Yeccupp, William Gooden, John Turner - "these men after their severall judgement were ordered to be sent to the house of correccion".
Math. Paulter, Abel Wyther, William Strutton, John Pumfreet, George Hamond, Anne Pinchback Ellen Boone, John Hockett, JOhn Yeccupp Stephen Woodgate, Joan Mawden, William Gooden, Philip Neve and John Bundock gave bail - acquitted and delivered.

JOhn Spurgyn, William Hanmer - guilty of assault and remanded in gaol during the pleasure [ of the court] and gave bail for good behaviour and to the (iilegible) and fined (illegible).
Nich. Wade, Augustine, Partridge - gave bail, JOhn Turner Ezechial Cuddingdon - delivered by proclamation.
Geo. Newbald, John Harryson, John Pettypoole - guilty of assault and bailed for good behaviour and fined (illegible).
Edw. Curby, Henry Pepall - gave bail to appear at the next and in the meantime etc. [Ass 35/59/1/69]