Microfilm of memoranda book of the Revd Robert Riche, vicar of Ramsey, 1681-1729
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Records in public repositories
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Scope and Content:
(Pages 1-6) Ordination of vicarage of Ramsey by Bishop of London, 1226 [printed by Richard Newcourt, Repertorium Ecclesiasticum Parochiale Londinense, volume 2, page 484] and later confirmations

(Pages 7-8) Terrier, 1637 [summarized in Newcourt, Repertorium, volume 2]

(Pages 9-10) Notes on grants of manors and tithes, 1530-1618, with note of erection of South Hall, 1618

(Pages 13-18) Extract from the will of William Whitmore bequeathing £10 per annum to vicars of Ramsey for sermons in Lent, 1678, and note of dispute over tithes of Fulton marsh, claimed in kind by the Revd Abraham Everet (1662-1681)

(Page 20) List of parcels of land belonging to manor of Bridge Hall

(Pages 21-29) 'The Taske book of the whole Town and the Lands therin', 1582 [includes acreage of marshes and woods]

(Pages 31-35) List of fees due to vicar (Easter offerings, churching, banns and solemnization of matrimony, funeral sermons and non-pauper funerals, public and private baptism)

(Pages 37-38) 'An exact survey of all the lands belonging to the vicaridge of Ramsey' by William Seagrave, 'land-metter', 8 June 1691, with note on exchange of glebe with Sir Thomas Davall

(Page 39) 'An account of all expenses ... for ... the rebuilding of the Backhouse of the vicaridge of Ramsey', 1662

(Pages 41-42) List of fees of sexton and regulations for choice of sexton and clerk

(Pages 43-44) Draft confirmation by Bishop of London of appointment of sexton, 1681 [no names inserted]

(Pages 45-46) List of vicars of Ramsey, 1560-1681, giving dates of burial [induction of Thomas Gibson, 26 February 1728/9, added in another hand]

(Pages 47-48) Dispute over compounding for tithes of milk, 1682

(Pages 49-55) Deed, 1672, confirming annuity of 250 shillings for loaves under will of Robert Hurlock, 1650 (see Charity Commissioners' Reports, page 424)

(Pages 57-65) Declaration of uses of Henry Smith's charity, 1627 (see Charity Commissioners' Reports, pages 424, 540)

(Pages 67-69) 'An account of charges in building a new barn, stable, & hogs-coat & digging of a well on the vicaridge', 1682 [detailed; includes bundles of lath, oat straw for thatching '(non else was then to be bought)', 'cutting down the groundsells & overwayes', planks etc. 'to plancher my stable', daubing the barn, bricks from John Cappage of Great Oakley, brick-burner]; payments, 1683, include spreading chalk rubbish mixed with dung on the wheatfield

(Pages 70-[79]) Accounts for 'Repairs', 1685-1696, including: stubbing of orchards, planting 160 fruit trees there purchased from Edward Edwine of Dovercourt, gardener, making new oven and path from oven to kitchen door, building brewhouse and house of office, 1685-1686; detailed payments of Thomas Peek, carpenter, Abraham King, brick-layer, and to the glazier, for work in vicarage, 1687; repairs to backhouse or kitchen and dairy, including purchase of heart lath and fir lath, 1693; building of sea-wall and sluice, 1695

Copy of certificate signed by vicar, churchwardens and overseers of Ramsey of value of living, 1703

Copy of letter from Robert Riche, vicar, excusing himself from attendance at Bishop of London's visitation, mentioning attendance of the Revd Thomas Gibson in his place

Memorandum relating to the tithes of Dovercourt, circa 1550, mentioning the Revd Richard Squyer

Copy of grant of chapel of Harwich to Ralph de Pelham, 1365 (summarized in Newcourt, Repertorium, volume 2, page 219)

Brief note on advowsons of Thorpe, Kirby and Walton-le-Soken.
Dates of Creation:
July 1965
1 reel of 35 mm. microfilm
Creator Name:
Essex Record Office
Admin History:
For a note on Riche and his library, see Philip Morant, History and Antiquities of the County of Essex, volume 1, page 493n. This volume came into the possession of Riche's successor, the Revd Thomas Gibson. Gibson, his wife, Susan, and son, John Gibson of Harwich, surgeon, were buried at Dovercourt (J.H. Bloom, Heraldry and Monumental Inscriptions in the Churches ... of Harwich, Dovercourt ..., page 88).
Originals Location:
Made by the Essex Record Office from an original volume deposited in the then Bury St Edmunds and West Suffolk Record Office (Gibson family collection, E2/43/1)
Not Available:
Available on microfilm in the Essex Record Office searchroom

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