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EastWard Hospital TV

1) ETV 2, No.1 - 16 January 1990
2) ETV 2, No.3 - Dub 10 February 1992
3) ETV 2, No.4 - 5 May 1990
4) ETV 2, No.5 - 26 October 1990
5) ETV 2, No.6 - Dubbed 6 May 1992
6) ETV Programme 59 - 17 November 1990
7) ETV Programme 60 - 26 January 1991
8) ETV Programme 61 - 16 February 1991
9) ETV Programme 63 - 25 May 1991
10) ETV Programme 65 - 22 June 1991
11) ETV Programme 66 - 13 July 1991
12) ETV Programme 67 - 11 September 1991
13) ETV Programme 78

1) ETV Programme 69 - 30 November 1991

2) ETV Programme 70
"John Lennon" - Part of a production staged by Essex school children and recorded in Basildon.
"Santa on the Rails" - ETV steps back to a day just before Christmas when a very special steam train had a very special passenger.

3) ETV Programme 71
"This is Basildon" - ETV cameras take a look around this Essex town to show you the sights and the market.
"Toy Fair" - ETV visit a recent Brentwood toy fair and discovers that those old toys are still worth money.
"A Visit to Budapest" - ETV takes a flying visit to show you the sights and sounds and meet the people of this city.
"Lennon" - Part of a show mounted by Essex school children in Basildon based on the life of John Lennon.

4) ETV Programme 72
"Fashion Show" - ETV joins the audience for a local fashion show to see what styles are on offer.
"Day Trip to Margate - part one" - ETV joins a party of old folk for a day by the sea, and shares their day out.
"Day Trip to Margate - part two" - More fun and games from the old folks day out by the sea.
"Red Hot Peppers" - ETV brings you some trad jazz by this popular band recorded on location in a local pub.

5) ETV Programme 73
"Medway Queen" - Once this old paddle steamer used to ply her way from the end of Southend pier to Kent and France. Now she is being restored by a band of volunteers who want to see her back in action.
"Mysterious Essex" - Robert Digings takes another look at some of the many strange but true stories from Essex.
"Chatham Naval Dockyard" - A look around this historic naval dockyard that is now open to the public.
"Music From the Irish Guards" - Recorded by ETV in concert from Eastbourne, they provide some fine brass band music for us.

6) ETV Programme 74
"ETV in Barbados" - We go on a dream holiday and take a look around this tropical island.
"ETV in the Caribbean" - More from our ETV holiday visit as we look at two islands: St Barts and St Martin.
"Huskie Racing" - It's a growing sport and the dogs just love it. Join us as we join these powerful dogs doing what they love best - pulling a sledge.
"ETV in the Caribbean" - Last visit to this area to look around St Kitts.

7) ETV Programme 76
"ETV Visits Navestock"
"ETV Goes To Paris" - Take a Basildon taxi, and ETV crew and a very silly idea. Then stand back and watch the fun as we report on the charity taxi run to paris that did not go quite as planned.

8) ETV Programme 77
"Thames Barge Race" - ETV takes to the waters off Harwich to follow the Thames barge race and hears some of the memories of those who used to sail them.
"Barleylands" - ETV visits this Basildon farm museum for one of its open days, and views some old style horse ploughing as well as looking at some farm crafts.

9) ETV Programme 78 - 11 May 1991
"Record Breakers" - A day of record breaking in Rochester in Kent, and ETV is on hand to record the fun.
"Record Breakers" - More from ETV coverage as the art of the lasso comes under the spotlight.
"Record Breakers" - ETV is on hand to see some unusual sword play.
"The London Electricity Band" - ETV coverage of an Ilford concert given by the band.
"Record Breakers" - This time ETV get involved in a record attempt involving some ice cream.
"Record Breakers" - Two more records for ETV to cover in Rochester to end our coverage.

10) ETV Programme 79
"Horndon-on-the-Hill Feast and Fair" - Held each year when the village holds a fun day. ETV visits this Essex village to find out what happens.
"More From Horndon-on-the-Hill Feast and Fair" - As we join in more of the fun and games.
"Big Band" - An ETV production featuring the London Electricity Band.
"More From Horndon-on-the-Hill"
"Horndon Feast and Fair Round-Up" - As ETV ends its day in this Essex village.

11) ETV Programme 82
"Keighley and Worth Valley Railway" - ETV travels this historic line through the Yorkshire Dales where both the Railway Children and the hit TV series Last of the Summer Wine were filmed.
"Travel Time" - In which ETV takes you on a visit to Egypt as well as to Hever Castle in Kent.
"Haunted Essex" - ETV visits some Essex haunted homes and locations to tell a few ghost stories: this clip is available on our YouTube channel.

12) ETV Programme 89 - Christmas Special

13) ETV Programme 90 - 27 October 1995
"Hello to ETV" - From presenter Debbie Curtis who introduces our programmes from South Weald Park.
"VJ Day in Brentwood" - A look back at the last parade of the Far Eastern veterans in the town.
"Holiday in Colorado" - ETV shows you a possible location for your next holiday in the States.
"The Beverley Sisters With the Opus One Band" - The second part of ETV's fabulous all star big band music show, recorded at RAF Duxford before an invited audience.
"Village Visit" - In which ETV takes you on a walk around the Essex village of Terling.

14) ETV Programme 91 - Christmas Special

15) ETV Programme 92 - Christmas Special

16) ETV Programme 93 - Christmas Special

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