Prenuptial settlement (release)
Level: Category
Level: Fonds
Scope and Content:
(i) John Tyndale of Great Maplestead esquire;
(ii) Elizabeth Tyndale his only child;
(iii) Jasper Blythman of the Inner Temple, London, gentleman, eldest son of Jasper Blythman of Leeds, Yorkshire, esquire;
(iv) Grimbold Paunceforte and Thomas Hutton of the Inner Temple, London, esquires.

Release by (i) and (ii) to (iv) of manor of 'Prusted' [Prested] Hall (119 acres) in Feering, in occupation of Daniel Ely, Chelmshoe House (200 acres) in Great Maplestead and Castle 'Heveningham' [Hedingham], in occupation of (i), Church House (49 acres) in Great Maplestead, in occupation of James Mayhew, advowson of Great Maplestead, and all their other property [no details] in Great Maplestead, Castle 'Heveningham' [Hedingham], Feering, Messing and Marks Tey or elsewhere in Essex, and in parishes of St Andrew, Holborn, Middlesex, and St Sepulchre, City of London, or elsewhere in Middlesex or London.

In trust to the use, until the marriage of (ii) and (iii), of the release of 11 October 1695 [below]; thereafter to the use successively of (i), (iii) and (ii) for life and of heirs of (ii) and (iii), with remainder to (iii), but subject during life of (i) to a yearly rent of £50 payable to (ii) and (iii) in survivorship and to their heirs, secured in case of non-payment by a power of distraint over the premises.

Provided that if there are male issue, and one or more further children, of the marriage, (i) and (ii) may charge the premises with up to £2000 for the portions or maintenance of the younger children.

(i) discharges Ralph Hartly and John Bowater from all sums with which he is empowered to charge the premises by the release of 1695 [below], with the exception of those secured by the mortgage of 1701 [below]; and (i) and (ii) direct them to assign the trust created by that release as required by (iii).

(i) revokes all existing wills, and agrees to make no will laying any charge on the premises.


grant by (i), 2 June 1690, to John Bowater of Coventry gentleman and Henry Tate of London gentleman of annuity of £100 for his wife Elizabeth after his death, said by the present deed to be in lieu of dower;

lease and release by (i), 11 October 1695, to Nicholas Jekyll of Castle Hedingham gentleman and William May of Great Maplestead gentleman of said premises, to his own use for life, and after his death - subject to the said annuity - to the use of Ralph Hartley and said John Bowater for 500 years, in trust to pay his debts and legacies and then to the use of (ii) to attend the inheritance;

fine levied by (i), Michaelmas 1695, to said William May of said manor of Prusted Hall and 'divers messuages lands and hereditaments in the ... county of Essex' to the uses of the said grant and release;

mortgage of said manor of Prusted Hall, 5 November 1701, by (i) and (ii) to John Morley of Halstead gentleman, by which 'all the propper debts of the said John Tyndale are secured';

lease of said premises, 25 December 1701, by (i) and (ii) to (iv);

indenture of even date between (iii), (i) and (ii), (iv), and Edward Baldwyn of the Middle Temple, London, gentleman, by which (iii) settled capital messuage called Newlathes 'and divers lands and hereditaments' in Yorkshire on (ii) for life in the event of their marriage.

Signed and sealed by (i) - (iii); (i) and (ii) use a seal of the Tyndale crest (a plume of feathers ermine, within a crown).
Witnesses: John Morley [presumably the mortgagee], S. Grimston, Thomas Gayner.
Dates of Creation:
6 January 1701/2
Admin History:
Philip Morant, History and Antiquities of the County of Essex (London 1763-1768), volume 2, suggests that Jasper Blythman did acquire Chelmshoe House at Great Maplestead as a result of this marriage (pp. 280, 281), but that John Tyndale ['Tindal'] sold the manor of Prested Hall, Feering, 'to ... Owlram' (p. 171).
Physical Characteristics:
Two parchment membranes, joined at foot.
Unfolded, 750 x 790 mm.

Key terms

TypeKey termsDescription
Subjects Advowsons Great Maplestead, in marriage settlement, 1702
Personal Names Daniel
Feering, 1702
Personal Names Edward
gentleman, London, 1702
Personal Names Elizabeth
Great Maplestead, 1702
Personal Names Grimbold
esquire, London, 1702
Personal Names Henry
gentleman, London, 1690
Personal Names James
Great Maplestead, 1702
Personal Names Jasper
gentleman, London; esquire, Leeds; 1702
Personal Names John
gentleman, Coventry, 1690-1702
Personal Names John
gentleman, Halstead, 1701
Personal Names John
esquire, Great Maplestead, 1702
Personal Names Nicholas
gentleman, Castle Hedingham, 1695
Personal Names Ralph
Personal Names S.
Personal Names Thomas
Personal Names Thomas
esquire, London, 1702
Personal Names William
gentleman, Great Maplestead, 1695
Place Names Chelmshoe House
Castle Hedingham
Deed, 1702
Place Names Chelmshoe House
Great Maplestead
Deed, 1702
Place Names Church House
Great Maplestead
Deed, 1702
Place Names New Lathes
Yorkshire, Royston, Carlton
Marriage settlement of Jasper Blythman, 1702
Place Names Prested Hall
Deed, 1702
Document Types Marriage settlement Elizabeth Tyndale of Great Maplestead and Jasper Blythman, 1702
Document Types Pre-nuptial settlement Elizabeth Tyndale of Great Maplestead and Jasper Blythman, 1702
Document Types Seal Plume of feathers ermine, within a crown, for Tyndale, 1702
Document Types Seal Plume of feathers ermine, within a crown, for Tyndale, 1702
Institutions Manor of Prested Hall Feering; deed, 1702